15 Family Album Photos That Feature Amusing Gems the World Deserves to See

15 Family Album Photos That Feature Amusing Gems the World Deserves to See

The feeling of nostalgia comes with a number of benefits, according to multiple studies. One claims that it boosts social goal pursuit and growth, while another points to the fact that it might be a source of comfort. So, maybe it’s a great thing that people decide to go through their family albums every once in a while. Besides, they often find delightful treasures, like an old candid of John Travolta.

Bright Side found a few pics from the past that’ll totally wow anyone who sees them.

1. “My dad used to look like Ashton Kutcher in That ’7srcs Show.”

2. “My second cousin was Tom Cruise’s prom date.”

3. “My father and I carrying the 1984 Olympic torch”

4. “Muhammad Ali came to my family’s home for dinner in 197src.”

5. “Here is my mother with Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, and Kenny Baker for the premiere of Star Wars in 1977.”

6. “A lifelong Marvel nerd, my father at age 15 meeting Stan Lee in 1975”

7. “My dad in the early ’8srcs”

8. “My acrobatically-skilled grandfather lifting my mother in 1958”

9. “My grandmother and John Candy, the actor from Home Alone

  • “She was a secretary for the accounting firm that handled his finances. This was in August 1988.” — rtisdell88 / Reddit

1src. “My mother at 17. This was her senior portrait. The lady loved her hair so much she took a bunch of pictures for her.”

11. “My grandmother holding a snake, 1941. This picture was in her high school newspaper and got her expelled.”

12. “My aunt and my mom being told that my grandma was pregnant (1955).”

13. “My friend was a production assistant on The Empire Strikes Back. Here he is on the set in 1979.”

  • “He never smiled for on-set photos because he was afraid if he showed how excited he was, he’d get fired.” — reubal / Reddit

14. “My dad was a pop star in Argentina. Here he is with Ella Fitzgerald. (Circa mid-196srcs)”

15. “My mom snapped this pic of John Travolta at the Indy 5srcsrc after my aunt screamed his name to get him to look their way.”

  • “They didn’t know they got a perfect shot until the film was developed months later. This was taken in ’88 or ’89.” — BabyJiggles / Reddit

What’s your favorite childhood memory? Do you enjoy going through old photos? Drop your greatest one in the comments!

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