Aussie Mum Suffers Dramatic Nut Allergy During Flight

Aussie Mum Suffers Dramatic Nut Allergy During Flight

An Australian mom has shared a movie detailing an incident exactly where she experienced a extreme reaction to an airborne allergy whilst on plane flight.

Em Lee information her ordeal and pleads for fellow passengers to end supporting the sale of nut products on flights.

Ms Lee’s eyes were even now displaying the signs of her ordeal which she thinks was caused by nut residue still left on a plane seat or tray table that she may possibly have touched or inhaled in the course of a domestic flight on the weekend.

Ms Lee reveals that her youngsters were being “terrified” she could die throughout her episode, while she felt she was only obtaining a “minor” reaction.

But she has been spurred on by this incident to remind all airplane passengers that nut solutions, could perhaps be fatal.

“Having a everyday living-threatening airborne allergy is like boarding a aircraft and enduring the entire flight with a person holding a loaded gun to your head. It is terrible,” Ms Lee stated.

“This also influences my youngsters emotionally in a large way. They had been so traumatised thinking I would die on very last night’s airplane, even with me calmly reassuring them the total time. They are terrified.”

Around a few in one hundred Australian young children have a peanut allergy, with only twenty for every cent of them outgrowing the allergy, according to Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia. 


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