The Best Weapons to Use in Apex Legends (Weapon Tier List) – Apex Legends Wiki Guide – IGN

The Best Weapons to Use in Apex Legends (Weapon Tier List) – Apex Legends Wiki Guide – IGN

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There’s no denying that having the right weapon can significantly change your playing style, especially when it comes to competitive online shooters. While every weapon has its use, there are always going to be weapons that are simply much better than others and should always be prioritized as only two weapons can be carried at a time.

With nineteen different weapons spread randomly across the map, it can often be a little overwhelming when it comes to deciding which weapons you should keep or throw away.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best weapons to use in every class within Apex Legends.


The Best Overall Weapons[edit]



When compared to other pistols in the category, the Wingman is the clear winner among the group. With the ability to blast through opponents with a 45 damage to the body, there is no doubting that the Wingman single shot pistol can deliver significant amounts of damage.

However, its slow firing capabilities and a rather low accuracy makes those desired headshots just that much more challenging achieve.

With a steady hand, those that choose to master the Wingman pistol will arguably be on their way to claiming victory.


Mastiff Shotgun[edit]

Despite being extremely rare and only firing unique ammunition that can’t be replenished, the Mastiff Shotgun boasts some of the best weapon stats in the game. With an insane kickback due to the sheer power of the weapon, the Mastiff will tear your opponents to shreds if they dare come too close.

If you have managed to get your hands on this lucrative weapon (try looking in supply drops for a fully-equipped, legendary Mastiff), you might even be surprised at just how capable it is of reaching close to mid-range targets.

With the ability to deal 288 damage in a single shot, the four round weapon can easily clear an entire room with ease when placed into the right hands.

Assault Rifles[edit]

VK-47 Flatline & R-301 Carbine[edit]

The full-automatic VK-47 Flatline deals some of the highest damage in the AR category.

Featuring impressive accuracy and stability, the weapon thrives in medium to long range encounters due to its relatively high fire-rate and minimal recoil. With little to no faults, it’s no wonder that the VK-47 Flatline is a favorite amongst many in the community.

If getting your hands on a Flatline isn’t possible, an R-301 will make for a perfect substitute, as the high precision Assault Rifle can be extremely powerful when completely decked out with attachments.

Sub Machine Guns[edit]

Prowler Burst PDW[edit]

This 5-round burst SMG not only features an insanely fast fire rate, but it also has the highest damage capabilities in the SMG category.

When placed into the right hands, the Prowler can deal some very significant damage – especially when fitted with extended mags and a scope.

Topping the SMG category, this P90 style SMG is an easy choice for those looking for the perfect close quarter weapon.

Light Machine Guns[edit]

M600 Spitfire[edit]

Despite the Devotion being a favorite amongst the community, the M600 Spitfire is arguably the most practical machine gun out of the two. With an accuracy and fire rate that’s hard match and relatively decent damage, the M600 Spitfire has the capability of destroying your opponents.

Although the Devotion is a favorite amongst the community and has the upper hand when it comes to damage, the weapon unfortunately has too many downfalls when compared the full-automatic capabilities of the M600 Spitfire.

Sniper Rifles[edit]

Kraber .50-Cal Sniper[edit]

Much like the Mastiff shotgun, the legendary Kraber .50-CAL Sniper is extremely rare and is the only other weapon to use a unique ammo type that cannot be replenished.

This powerful bolt-action style sniper rifle dealings one of the most fatal body shots in the game. The .50-CAL Rifle can take down an enemy in one single shot regardless of their shield and health levels. If you manage to get your hands on this weapon, it’s safe to assume that it’s game over for many players,  especially if you know how to use snipers correctly.

While we have our favorites, plenty of people in the community have ideas of what works best too. Here are some rounded up tier lists from the community.


The following list was created by the folks at RankedBoost, who have evaluated their tier on the strongest and weakest weapons within the game. This list was last updated on February 8th, 2019. You can find all of their details here.

Tier Weapons
S-Tier Mastiff, Kraber, R-301
A-Tier Peacekeeper, Spitfire, Devotion, Longbow, Hemlok, Triple Take
B-Tier Wingman, Flatline, G7 Scout, R-99
C-Tier Alternator, EVA-8 Auto, Mozambique, RE-45
D-Tier P2020


This list was made and compiled by Apex Legend’s Reddit community user heyylookitsme. You can read the entire explanation on how this list was created in the r/apexlegends Personal Tier list thread. This list was last updated on February 8th, 2019.

Tier Weapons
S Wingman, Peacekeeper, Devotion
A Prowler, R-99, Henlok, Flatline, Spite, Triple Take
B Alternator, EVA-8, G7 Scout, Longbow
C RE-45 Auto, Mozambique, P2020, R-301
Crate Weapons Mastiff and Kraber. Both good but not worth placing in a tier due to their rarity and limited ammo.

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