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Alcohol sales up in Cameron Parish ahead of Tropical Storm Barry

July 11, 2019 at 5:14 PM CDT – Updated July 11 at 5:14 PM

CAMERON PARISH, La. (KPLC) – When KPLC called area grocery stores checking on supplies ahead of Tropical Storm Barry, we also asked whether alcohol sales were up.

Most stores said sales of booze were the same or slightly up, except for in one area: Cameron Parish.

One store in Cameron Parish said alcohol sales tripled on Thursday.

Cameron is the only parish in Southwest Louisiana to have an area under a hurricane watch and tropical storm warning.

While hurricane parties and “hurrications” can be fun, we at KPLC would be remiss if we didn’t remind our viewers of just how dangerous extreme weather can be. Always be aware of your surroundings during weather and heed all warnings.

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