iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S11 may have bigger batteries for the same reason – TechRadar India

iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S11 may have bigger batteries for the same reason – TechRadar India

Two of the world’s most prolific phone manufacturers may be able to supply larger batteries on the next series of flagship phones thanks to a recent battery innovation.

Apple may be able to introduce the new technology on its next series of iPhones as well as samsung introducing it on the Galaxy S11 as well as presumably the galaxy S11 Plus and galaxy S11e.

According to Korean website The Elec, industry sources claim both companies will be using smaller battery protection modules on upcoming phones. That would provide space for a larger capacity battery cell without increasing the size of the phone.

Battery protection modules ensure your phone doesn’t overcharge, but this slimming down doesn’t do away with the technology altogether. It’s instead combining two elements of the battery support together to help slim the space it takes up down.

ITM Semiconductor – a Korean supplier – is expected to be providing the tech to both companies. It’s rumored to make the space needed for battery protection modules drop by almost 50%, so that may provide a significant increase in battery capacity if either company sees fit.

This is a new report that is expected to have a potential influence on all four rumored versions of the next iphone series. 

Currently, we’re expecting four iPhone 12 named devices and there may even be a more affordable handset launched alongside without the iphone 12 moniker.

Previously we’ve heard similar battery tech rumors about the galaxy S11 from the same source that claimed the company will be supplied with these smaller battery modules. 

There’s no gurantee either Apple or samsung will use this extra space for extra battery though. It may be this extra space is available in the device, but either company decides to instead slim its devices down, so take all of this with a pinch of salt for now until we hear official word from either company.

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