Scores better than the iPhone 8 too

Scores better than the iPhone 8 too
The iPhone SE (2src2src). (Source: Trusted Reviews)
The iphone SE (2020). (Source: Trusted Reviews)

The iphone SE has finally made its way over to DxOMark for a thorough evaluation of its cameras’ abilities. The US$399 phone impresses, keeping up with the Pixel 3a on all tests⁠—and outperforming similarly-priced phones.

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Months after Apple released the much-awaited iPhone SE (2020), the phone has now made its way over to photography evaluation website DxOMark. The results? Impressive as expected.

The iphone SE recorded an overall score of 101. That’s the exact same figure as 2018’s iPhone XR and the Google Pixel 3a. In the still photo category, it earned a score of 103, again on par with the Pixel 3a (104) and iphone XR (104). A score of 98 in the video category also places it slightly ahead of the Pixel (95) and older iphone (96). In the selfie test, the iphone SE made do with an overall score of 84. Not class-leading, but on par with flagships like the Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G and OnePlus 7 Pro.

While the iphone SE doesn’t match up to proper flagship phones, its showing here is a respectable one. The Pixel 3a was a US$399 phone too, and the iphone SE keeps up well. The Galaxy A71 costs about the same and is much worse, with an overall score of 84. Pixel 3a aside, it would seem that there just aren’t any phones offering similar camera chops in that price segment, at least in the US.

That said, iphone SE buyers are unlikely to make their decisions based on the phone’s camera prowess, but it’s nice to know that the phone holds up incredibly well in that aspect either way. 

Ricci Rox, 2020-06-26 (Update: 2020-06-26)

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