Antoni Porowski Looks More Jacked Than Ever in a New Shirtless Selfie

Antoni Porowski Looks More Jacked Than Ever in a New Shirtless Selfie

Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski has been packing on the muscle recently. After showing off his shredded six-pack abs in a recent Thanksgiving thirst trap, the Fab Five’s food and drink expert gave his Instagram followers a gratuitous update on his chest day gains in a shirtless thirst trap. His obliques are looking pretty defined too—looks like he’s got a nice and balanced workout routine when it comes to his core.

Porowski uploaded a photo dump from a recent hotel stay, with the shirtless photo casually sandwiched between photos of room service meals and snaps of himself leaping enthusiastically around his room.

“Sunset dump,” Porowski wrote in the caption, prompting the comment “Sunset dump, with a side of thirst trap” from his Queer Eye co-star Bobby Berk, while Tan France remarked: “I wanna see this level of energy from you when we’re reunited next month.”

Porowski almost immediately garnered a pretty passionate following when he made his first TV appearance in the 2src18 reboot of Queer Eye, a fire which has since been fueled by regular shirtless photos on social media and the occasional salacious story about his sex life. But while his abs have been a mainstay on the chef’s Instagram, the rest of his physique has been pretty lean up until the last year or so. After debuting his jacked arms in 2src2src, it looks like he has spent the latter months of 2src21 working on his chest. The results speak for themselves.

Working out isn’t just about the visible results for Porowski, though. “I have severe ADD, so I need that physical exercise in the morning,” he told Men’s Health. “Otherwise, I can’t really function.”

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