Apple spends an enormous amount of money building an ecosystem. That is what hooks…

Apple spends an enormous amount of money building an ecosystem. That is what hooks…

The market analysis group SellCell has released the results of a study it claims to have conducted on smartphone users and their inclination towards brand retention. It lasted from March 3 to 10, 2021 and involved over 5000 US-based respondents aged 18 years or older. Of those participants, 2000 used iPhones; 2000 had Samsung Galaxy-series phones; 400 Google Pixels; 300 had LG phones, and 300 Motorolas.

SellCell concluded that 91.4% of the ‘iPhone‘ cohort exhibited brand loyalty, defined as an intention to buy from the same brand again on needing a new phone. By contrast, 74% of the Samsung owners did the same, as did 65.2% of the Pixel users, 37% of the LG group and 29% of the Motorola group.

This suggests that, while the 5 brands were nominated in this study due to their perceived place in the US smartphone market, at least some of them are in potentially serious decline. On that note, 46% of those planning to make the switch away from iOS would choose Samsung Galaxys instead, whereas 35% of them would go with a Pixel.

6.1% of those iphone defectors“ planned to switch to LG instead, whereas 3.1% were migrating to Motorola, compared to 9.2% for all other brands (which might include Nokia or OnePlus).

Finally, this study did not cite or cover price as an influence on decisions to switch from one platform or another, although it did note that 21% of the iOS customers felt discouraged from a change as they were too ingrained in the Apple ecosystem, whereas another 10% felt that leaving the same for another was too much of “a hassle“.

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