Barry Keoghan Shows Off Ripped Physique in Shirtless Twitter Photos

Barry Keoghan Shows Off Ripped Physique in Shirtless Twitter Photos

Barry Keoghan is hot right now. The Dublin-born actor has just starred in the huge, if somewhat-underwhelmingly reviewed, Marvel’s Eternals, while his next role is in the highly-anticipated The Batman.

If you believe the rumors Keoghan could be playing an iconic villain in the Dark Knight’s latest outing, but judging by his Twitter feed, the actor seemingly has another lead role in his sights.

Keoghan recently shared some shirtless holiday photos on his Twitter feed. Showing off his ripped abs, arms, and chest, he captioned the images with the message “Bond who!?” referring of course to the iconic British spy.

While we’re not sure whether he’ll ever get to play srcsrc7, he’s certainly in shape to play the role, and that shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Keoghan’s sport of choice is boxing, and the Hollywood actor still regularly spends time training inside the ring.

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“[I try to get in] as much boxing as I can,” Keoghan said in a recent interview with OTB sports. “I love a bit of pad work and sparring. Training is brilliant, it is not only good to look good, but to feel good mentally.

“I’d love to get in the ring and fight, man. I really would. I have a massive love for boxing. It is beautiful to watch as well,” he added.

Speculation is rife that Keoghan could be about to take on one of cinema’s most sought-after roles.

Eagle-eyed Batman fans have noticed that while he’s listed as “Unseen Arkham Prisoner” on the film’s cast list, he has been working with Mike Marino, better known as the prosthetics designer who turned Colin Farrell into the Penguin.

That has led fans to speculate that Keoghan could be playing a version of the Joker.

To find out whether that’s true or not you’ll have to see The Batman, which is released in theaters on March 4th.

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