Ben and Jen Continue L.A. Love Outings with a Walk on the Beach

Ben and Jen Continue L.A. Love Outings with a Walk on the Beach

Ben & Jen
L.A. Love Outings Continue
We Like Long Walks on the Beach!!!

8/8/2021 6:02 PM PT

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck aren’t shying away from their love here in La La Land — as if their big date night on Saturday wasn’t enough … here’s more evidence from the day after.

Check out these photos TMZ obtained of Bennifer holding hands for a romantic stroll on the beach late Sunday afternoon … one that’s kinda tucked away in Malibu near Paradise Cove, below what we’re told seemed to be a private home (perhaps one of theirs, or a pal’s even).

Unclear who exactly the guy third-wheeling with them was, but eyewitnesses tell us he seemed to be part of their crew as they took a walk to remember. We *think* that looks like someone we recognize — and who Ben certainly recognizes too. That you, Matt Damon???

Anyway, we’re told the couple stopped and chatted with a few others along the way, and then the trio made their way up some stairs.

Feels like Ben and Jen might’ve wanted to get away from paps, as there didn’t appear to be any in sight here — unfortunately, they’re just too damn famous and hot not to notice. Sorry guys!

Still … it’s a pretty romantic outing, even away from the public eye so to speak — which speaks volumes about where they are right now (aka, head over heels in love). Remember, they’d just hit the town the night prior in a big “we’re here” type of way.

Before the big Bev Hills debut, they’d only been seen getting publicly affectionate on their Euro vacay — but after this, something tells us we’re gonna see a lot more Ben/Jen PDA.

The more the merrier, we say. ❤️

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