Cam Newton: Bill Belichick is ‘most misunderstood person’ in sports

Cam Newton: Bill Belichick is ‘most misunderstood person’ in sports

After spending the 2020 season with the Patriots, Cam Newton has learned a lot about head coach Bill Belichick.

“I think Bill Belichick is the most misunderstood person in all of sports. He dope as s—,” Newton said on Brandon Marshall’s I AM ATHLETE podcast this week. 

“He is a cool dude who understands the game. He’s like a historian of the game. And for you to just sit down and chat with him, it’s like ‘Damn!’ He’s going back and he’s got film, literally teaching the game.”

While fans often see Belichick scowling on the sidelines in a hoodie or giving short answers to reporters’ questions, Newton shared his perspective of the 68-year-old’s coaching style.

“Bill’s not cold. Nobody on that team [has] an aura where you don’t want to be around him,” Newton said. “Everything is geared to win, and if you’re not built for that, that’s not the place for you. That’s not the place you want to lose, either. I learned that the hard way.”

Newton also discussed missing two weeks early last season after testing positive for COVID-19. He thought he would be able to adjust quickly after returning, but Newton said the challenge was tough amid the unusual season. 

Despite his rocky 2020 season, Newton, who is slated to become an unrestricted free agent, also praised offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Newton also expressed his desire to return to New England. 

When asked if he’d agree to another one-year deal with the Patriots, he said, “Yes. Hell yes! I’m getting tired of changing [teams].”

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