Democrats Are Losing the Election Integrity Debate

Democrats Are Losing the Election Integrity Debate

In April 2src2src, Georgia Republicans passed an election integrity law known as Senate Bill 2src2. The legislation strengthened voter ID requirements, added early voting hours on weekends, mandated increased maintenance of voter rolls, and outlawed ballot harvesting, among other improvements to Georgia’s election processes. 

It should be noted that these policies are widely popular among the American people: for example, polling shows that 8src% of Americans support voter ID, 87% support banning ballot harvesting, and 89% are in favor of purging outdated, inaccurate voter lists. 

The left wing’s response was swift, dishonest, and predictably hyperbolic. Stacey Abrams – known for losing gubernatorial elections and penning romance novels – took to the national airwaves, bravely holding her fellow Georgians accountable for the mortal sin of asking voters to flash a driver’s license. The new law was “Jim Crow 2.src” and “voter suppression,” she claimed, as left-leaning cable hosts nodded in grave assent. Major League baseball, eager to alienate its few remaining fans, politely withdrew its All-Star Game from Atlanta, robbing Georgia – and many local Black business owners – of an estimated $1srcsrc million in expected revenue. 

Then, something interesting happened. This November, Atlanta held municipal elections six months after the “voter suppression” law’s passage. The elections ran smoothly and turnout rose by 17% compared to 2src17.

If you’re trying to understand the election integrity debate, look no further than the Peach State. Republicans pass locally informed, solutions-oriented policies that strengthen the election process. Democrats baselessly cry racism, launder their lies through the CNN/MSNBC spin machine, and ultimately watch, powerless, as the world continues to turn. Florida recently passed similar legislation to Georgia’s. Reports from the Sunshine State described their recent November elections as going off “without a hitch.”

Joe Biden has dutifully engaged in his own large-scale attempts to undermine election integrity. Upon stumbling into office, he regurgitated the Stacey Abrams-approved “Jim Crow 2.src” rhetoric and absurdly likened the election integrity debate to the Civil War. Then came a series of national election bills loaded with extreme proposals that weakened voter ID, promoted ballot harvesting, and stripped local officials of authority – in other words, exactly what the American people do not want. Why have local leaders draw on in-state experience to improve elections when a bloated, hyper-partisan, inefficient administrative state can do it for you?  

You’ll be shocked to hear that nearly 7src% of Americans oppose Washington, D.C., bureaucrats seizing control of local election processes. Noticing a trend?

Biden’s first election takeover bill, H.R. 1, failed in the Senate. The next bill – the Freedom to Vote Act, otherwise known as the “Freedom to Cheat” Act – has also failed in the Senate. Another takeover attempt, H.R. 4, is doomed to meet a similar fate. Three strikes and you’re out.

This is what happens when a radical political party – partnered with a ratings-obsessed, reflexively alarmist liberal media – puts style over substance. When it comes time to oppose local laws, Democrats smear the opposing lawmakers as racist. When it comes time to win debates in the statehouse, they hop on chartered jets, leave the state, and give everyone COVID-19. When it comes time to put forward solutions-oriented, popular legislation, they doom their bills to fail by designing them to appease the far left. 

Joe Biden and Democrats have given us a masterclass in incompetence and failure, from the border crisis to the Afghanistan withdrawal to skyrocketing prices. But on election integrity, they have truly perfected the art of losing – time after time after time. Even Charlie Brown, running once more at that waiting football, would gently advise Biden and his team of radicals to sit the next round out.

A recent Politico piece reports that “anger [has] set in” among progressive Democrats at Biden’s failure to gut local elections by doing away with widely popular voting regulations. There are clearly no plays left in the fake-outrage playbook. 

Let the Democrats fight each other. We know they’ll somehow find a way to lose. 

Gates McGavick the director of strategic communications for the RNC.

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