Dodgeball Academia Is Getting A Physical Release, Thanks To Humble Games

Dodgeball Academia Is Getting A Physical Release, Thanks To Humble Games

sports RPG arrives in physical form this March

Dodgeball Academia
Image: Pocket Trap

Pocket Trap’s sports RPG Dodgeball Academia is getting a physical release later this year, thanks to those lovely people at Humble Games.

Released on the Switch eShop in August last year, Dodgeball Academia takes place across eight episodes and sees the player fostering friendships with fellow students and exploring the grounds of the titular academy.

Humble Games says that the physical version will launch in March, and pre-orders are open now.

We reviewed Dodgeball Academia in September and found it likeable, if a little lacking:

It’s clear that love has been poured into this adventure and it’s absolutely superb to look at and listen to — we just wish the central sport was more enjoyable to play and the dialogue wasn’t so interminable. You might dig this game more if you get hooked into the grind, so to speak — battles are over quickly and levelling up is always fun — but overall, if you’re not willing to get by on sheer aesthetics, you might want to dodge this one.

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