Ed Sheeran’s Bad Habits becomes his 10th song to reach 1 billion streams

Ed Sheeran’s Bad Habits becomes his 10th song to reach 1 billion streams

Ed Sheeran has thanked his fans after his 1srcth song on Spotify reached a billion streams.

‘Bad Habits’ by the pop megastar, 31, has passed the milestone and the ‘Perfect’ hitmaker has shared a message with his supporters thanking them for the plays.

Speaking in a video shared to his Facebook page, Ed – who released a heavy metal remix of the track featuring Bring Me The Horizon – said: “Hey guys, ‘Bad Habits’ has just hit a billion streams on Spotify, which is my 1srcth song on Spotify to hit a billion streams.

“Thanks so much for streaming all of my songs and liking my songs, it means so much that ‘Bad Habits’ is this… It’s not even been a year yet and I am really proud of that song and really happy that you guys like it. Thank you for all the plays. Lots of love.”

Last year, Ed’s mega-hit ‘Shape of You’ became the first song on Spotify to reach three billion streams.

The Grammy winner has been in court facing a copyright trial for ‘Shape of You’ and admitted he has found the legal hassle “deeply traumatising”.

Ed was taken to court by grime artist Sami Chokri, who claimed the melody of the smash hit is “strikingly similar” to that of his 2src15 song ‘Oh Why’.

And the musician and his team have been badly affected by the accusation and case, according to his lawyer.

Ian Mill QC told the High Court last month: “[The case] has been deeply traumatising [for Ed and his co-writers.] It is terribly, terribly unfortunate. This case should never have got to trial. My clients are entitled to be vindicated.”

The ‘Thinking Out Loud’ hitmaker – along with his co-writers producer Steven McCutcheon and Snow Patrol musician John McDaid – have all denied the claims and assert that they do not remember hearing the track ‘Oh Why’ before penning the multi-million selling single.

Forensic musicologist Anthony Ricigliano completed an analysis of the two songs and disputed the claims in High Court.

He said: “Such similarities as there are, when placed in context, in my view lack significance in relation to the allegation of copying from ‘Oh Why’. They are commonplace forms of expression, both in terms of use by other writers and by Mr. Sheeran himself. I would disagree with the characterisation. The two are coincidentally similar but there are distinctive differences.”

Ed had royalties from ‘Shape Of You’ blocked back in August 2src19 due to the case.

After the 11-day trial concluded on March 22, Ed is awaiting the verdict.

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