Eddie Hearn Rubbishes Bob Arum’s Claims – No Venue Fixed for Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury

Eddie Hearn Rubbishes Bob Arum’s Claims – No Venue Fixed for Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury

Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn has shut down Bob Arum’s recent claims about the Tyson FuryAnthony Joshua fight. The promoter claimed that talks are going on well, but there has been no confirmation for a venue.

Arum claimed that the fight was closer than ever. However, Hearn was having none of it and gave a list of destinations still in play.

Speaking to iFL TV, Hearn commented on the issue. “Certainly, no location is secured… There’s been multiple offers. We haven’t got too deep into that yet because we want to get the deal done.”

Hearn explained that they are not even approaching potential venues as of now. He said that until there is an agreement between the fighters, it makes no sense to approach venues for an agreement. 

This could worry fans, as many welcomed the news from Arum with great excitement. However, Hearn’s comments showed that there is still a long way to go.

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Eddie Hearn lists the possible destinations for the fight

Previously, the English promoter confirmed that Singapore was a surprise consideration for the fight. However, he gave a list of 7 destinations still in the running to host this fight. “There’s been some significant offers, there’s been some huge interest, but it’s still in play.”

The list included Singapore, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, China, Australia, and a surprise ‘place in eastern Europe’. Thus, this list showed that they have a plethora of options from which they can pick the fight location.

Therefore, Hearn clearly shut down the Top Rank Man’s stance. However, he reassured fans that the talks were progressing well. Thus, fans can still look forward to the fight happening soon. Where do you think the two heavyweights will end up fighting?

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