Elden Ring: Chelona’s Rise, three wise beasts, Ranni’s Dark Moon

Elden Ring: Chelona’s Rise, three wise beasts, Ranni’s Dark Moon

One of the most puzzling, um, puzzles in Elden Ring is the “Seek three wise beasts” puzzle. This pops up at least twice in the game, once for a rise on a small island in the Lakes of Liurnia, but there is another, more difficult variant of this puzzle high up on the Moonlight Altar, which you won’t have access to for most of the game. 

The Moonlight Altar is home to Chelona’s Rise, and this is another rise with the same wise beasts puzzle. The difference is that these three wise beasts are spread far and wide across the huge Moonlight Altar. In this guide we’ll explain the puzzle and lead you to each one. 

Chelona’s Rise, three wise beasts puzzle – Elden Ring

The three wise beasts puzzle will be familiar to you if you already completed earlier, but in case you haven’t, the wise beasts refer to tortoises. At the rise in Liurnia you have to locate three ghostly tortoises, and that is the same here, except since they’re spread out very far, they are very large. 

You need to attack each tortoise to complete the puzzle and open up Chelona’s Rise. This will require a ranged attack for at least two beasts, so make sure to pack arrows, throwing knives, or some kind of magical attack. You should not fast travel or rest in between the beasts. 

Note that this quest has had a mild issue with spawning each of the three beasts – it’s possible that one will not spawn, and the puzzle will solve after finding just two beasts. You will be notified once you have successfully solved the puzzle. Either way, make sure to check our full instructions below.

First wise beast location – Elden Ring

The first wise beast is by far the easiest. It’s located directly behind Chelona’s Rise. Walk around the right side of the building to find some normal tortoises walking around – these will always signify where you can find the large wise beast. Look just over the cliff edge and you can find it hanging onto the side of the cliff. A quick attack will get this done.

Second wise beast location – Elden Ring

For the next wise beast we need to head far to the East. Make your way up the hill on the left as you arrive at it, but hug the right side cliff edge. You will see a raised hill at the bottom of the cliff, and this hill – unreachable from anywhere else – has tortoises, and another wise beast will spawn here. 

Third wise beast location – Elden Ring

Finally, this next one is far North of Chelona’s Rise, near the evergaol. There’s a Spiritspring in the forest nearby that you can use to perform a high jump with Torrent. Do it, and you’ll collide with a tortoise floating high up in the air. This is the final wise beast, and will open up Chelona’s Rise. 

Ranni’s Dark Moon location – Elden Ring

One of Elden Ring‘s legendary sorceries, Ranni’s Dark Moon, an alternate to Rennala’s Full Moon, is a powerful spell that is found only within Chelona’s Rise. If you want to collect all of the trophies in Elden Ring, this is necessary. 

Written by Dave Aubrey on behalf of GLHF.

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