Episode 3 of Loki Gave Us the Most Fun Easter Eggs Yet

Episode 3 of </em>Loki</em> Gave Us the Most Fun Easter Eggs Yet

In addition to elaborating a little more on the identity of Lady Loki, henceforth known as Sylvie, we also got canonical confirmation that Loki is bisexual as well as gender-fluid, just as the Norse god is in the original mythology. And, of course, “Lamentis” was also peppered with some pretty great Easter eggs and in-jokes, many of which are identified in the above video from the Emergency Awesome channel.

In the comic, Lamentis-1, the planet which gives the episode its name, is a part of the Kree empire: Keen-eyed fans may have spotted that the neon text displayed on several walls throughout the episode is in the Kree language. “Lamentis Outerworld” is depicted in the 2007 Annihilation storyline, which revolved around—you guessed it—an apocalyptic event.

Once Loki and Sylvie arrive on the train, viewers were treated to an extended homage to the zeppelin sequence in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Loki disguises himself as a security officer, and later on kicks one of the real guards out of a window. Harrison Ford, meanwhile, stole a steward’s uniform to impersonate a member of the cabin crew, and then later threw a Nazi out of the window. Both scenes also feature a number of wealthy people showing off that they do, indeed, have their tickets.

The train lounge is also where Loki reminds fans of who his brother is—as if anyone could forget. After getting “full” and belting out an Asgardian drinking song, he smashes his glass and bellows: “Another!” in the same Viking fashion as Thor did in his first movie.

The action-packed final sequence which closes the episode is crammed with visual and musical references; the synths evoke Blade Runner, as does some of the set design, while other elements appear reminiscent of various planets seen in the Guardians of the galaxy movies. The fan video even appears to have spotted a nod to the sci-fi classic Aliens. And finally, the end credits have changed slightly, with photographs of Loki and Sylvie from the episode shown on a desk at the TVA, hinting that TVA hunters will be coming for them next week, and that’s how they will escape Lamentis now that the Ark has been destroyed.

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