Erica Mena Says Safaree’s Apology On The Recent Episode Of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Family Reunion’ Was A “Lie”

Erica Mena Says Safaree’s Apology On The Recent Episode Of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Family Reunion’ Was A “Lie”

Better late than never! Last year Erica Mena and Safaree‘s relationship took a turn for the worst, and while some say “time heals all wounds,” it seems like Erica may not be over issues that happened in the past. If you recall, the estranged couple dealt with cheating allegations fights on social media, and Erica dealt with her pregnancy with their second child, Legacy, alone.

Not to mention the drama spilled over to TV, where viewers watched them continue to go at it on ‘Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta.’ Erica is again calling her estranged husband out and letting folks know he isn’t a man of his word, following his apology on a recent episode of VH1’s ‘Love And Hip Hop: Family Reunion.’ An emotional Safaree sat next to Erica and took accountability for his actions. “I’m sorry for putting us in situations where, you know, you have to question our trust,” he said.

“I take full accountability,” said Safaree. He continued, “I apologize for how I treated you during your pregnancy. It wasn’t right. I don’t have any excuse.” Erica followed up, asking him why did he decide to apologize now? Safaree quickly replied, “I just want to be better, be better for our family.”

Safaree words moved some, but Erica wasn’t buying it at all. She stepped into The Shade Room and left a comment stating, “SMH All of this and yet. It was a lie, folks. Alll A LIE once again.” The reality star added, “Now let’s all move on. Happy and healing all 2src22. My three kids and I appreciate our new chapter.”

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