Fagradalsfjall volcano eruption captured by drone pilot

Fagradalsfjall volcano eruption captured by drone pilot


The Fagradalsfjall volcano near Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik began erupting for the first time in 800 years after a series of of small earthquakes last Friday. The eruption has been small and nobody has been injured, but people have been using the opportunity to get some pretty great footage.

This is video from drone pilot Bjorn Steinbekk basically surfing the lava right up to the crater. It’s kind of amazing his drone makes it out alive considering how close he takes it. If my drone piloting days have taught me anything it’s to never get too close to your subject. Especially if your subject is your neighbor trying to change with their blinds open. Why couldn’t you be cool, Rachel?! Now I’m on some sort of stupid registry.

Keep going for two of Steinbekk’s drone videos which are probably the best footage of Fagradalsfjall so far.

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