Final Fantasy VIII 8 Sony Playsation 1 PS1 Video Game Green Label Complete

Final Fantasy VIII 8 Sony Playsation 1 PS1 Video Game Green Label Complete
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Release Year: 1999 MPN:


Genre: Role Playing Platform: Sony PlayStation 1
Publisher: Sony Game Name: Final Fantasy VIII
Video Game Series: final fantasy Rating: T-Teen
Features: Manual Included Region Code: NTSC-U/C (US/Canada)


About this product

Product Information
Quite possibly the most anticipated game of 1999, Final Fantasy VIII continues Square Soft’s best selling RPG series. The story follows Squall Leonhart, a serious and reserved gunblade-toting soldier in the special combat unit known as SeeD, and his role in the war against the hostile Galbadians. (Or so it would appear.) Never much for working with others, Squall’s journey will introduce him to a variety of new people, some he’ll call friends — others he won’t.

Of the characters he’ll meet, no one will affect Squall’s outlook on life more than Rinoa Heartilly, a beautiful young woman who teaches him the meaning of love. Also of note, Laguna Loire represents the game’s most mysterious character, an ex-soldier turned journalist who appears to Squall in his dreams. Meanwhile, SeeD candidate Seifer Almasy admires Squall’s abilities but sees him as an arch-rival.

Though it bears the Final Fantasy moniker, several differences from previous installments can be found in Final Fantasy VIII, most obviously the overall look. The outlandishly deformed designs composing the likes of Cloud Strife and Barret Wallace (from Final Fantasy VII) have been replaced with a more realistic-looking band of heroes and villains.

Also new to Final Fantasy VIII is the Junction System for magical use. Guardian Forces (GF)s such as Ifrit and Shiva, gods and goddesses who allowed previous Final Fantasy characters to use their powers through Materia, are still available and must be obtained in order to utilize certain features of the Junction System. In order to earn possession of a GF, the force itself must be defeated or “drawn” from a boss monster. Other less predictable methods can be used as well. Once a character has obtained a GF, he or she can summon it during a battle, unleashing its power and then proceeding to draw magical abilities from enemies. GFs grow stronger with each battle and will eventually bestow special abilities to the character who junctions it.

Unlike other Final Fantasy games (and most role-playing games for that matter), magic points are not the limiting factor for casting spells in Final Fantasy VIII. Rather, drawn spells are quantitative; each opponent you face has a type of magic that can be drawn, or taken. For instance, if a character has eight spells of one type and then casts one, he or she is left with seven of that type until more are drawn. Spells can also be junctioned to improve a character’s vital statistics such as hit points, offense and defense. For example, junctioning a spell like Full-Life to hit points will make them increase dramatically, especially if you have a lot of them stocked. Similarly, Fire junctioned to attack means bad news to ice monsters just as junctioning Thunder to defense won’t make your typical Blitz (a type of thunder monster) very effective. (In such cases, their attacks might even heal you instead!)

Some RPG fans might be alarmed to learn that characters stick with their weapons throughout the course of the entire game. However, by reading the Weapons Monthly magazine and visiting a junk shop, weapons can be upgraded — but not how you might suspect. Though a fee is involved, it is minimal. The challenge comes in attaining the rare items necessary for the upgrades, which can usually be gained by defeating or stealing from powerful monsters. Incidentally, money is not earned after defeating a monster but rather through Squall’s SeeD salary, determined by his performance in field and written tests.

As with most RPGs, experience points (for both the characters and Guardian Forces) are gained after defeating monsters, resulting in higher levels of experience as more are attained. However, as the characters gain experience, so do the monsters. In other words, the level seven Bite Bugs you fight at the beginning of the game will still be just as challenging 93 levels later.

Unlike Final Fantasy VII, which featured many mini-games, fe

Product Identifiers
Publisher Squaresoft
MPN SLES 02080
UPC 0711719859024, 0662248999043
eBay Product ID (ePID) 2444

Product Key Features
Release Year 1999
Genre Role Playing
Platform Sony PlayStation 1
Game Name Final Fantasy VIII
Rating T-Teen
Region Code NTSC-U/C (US/Canada)

Additional Product Features
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating T-Teen
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
ESRB Descriptor Animated Violence, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes
Game Name Special Features Guide lead protagonist Squall Leonhart in an adventure spanning four discs Transfer the magic from enemies to your characters with the all-new junction system Features close to an hour’s worth of computer animated cut-scenes
Game Name Series Final Fantasy Series
Location Europe


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