Fortnite leak reveals Bud the Mushroom’s return

Fortnite leak reveals Bud the Mushroom’s return


Bud the Mushroom from Season 2 could be returning to Fortnite, based on this recent leak.


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One of the forgotten treasures of Fortnite Chapter 2 is Bud the Mushroom – an animated mushroom that follows players around and gives them shields. It was only in the game for less than a day but caused a stir on social media.

We’re not sure whether or not Epic added Bud the Mushroom by mistake – it wasn’t in the game very long – but players quickly huddled around Weeping Woods trying to find him.

You could activate the mushroom by giving him some wood, and then dance with him to gain shield. He would then follow you around the map – as long as you didn’t stray too far away.

As quickly as Bud came into the game, he was gone. This happened back in Season 2, and Bud hasn’t been seen since. Now, months later, it seems like Bud the Mushroom was the first step towards interactive NPC characters in Fortnite.

Recently, data miner, Hypex, tweeted some “Map quest sounds” that he found in the game files. These are all listed with the “Buddy” tag and will use “the Madcap model,” as Hypex says.

We don’t know exactly what these sound files mean, but our best guess revolves around the return of Bud the Mushroom. We doubt that Epic would add such a unique feature for such a short time, so we could see him come back in the near future.

Bud doesn’t have much to do with Marvel, so we might not see him until Season 5. Additionally, rumors of s quest-giving NPC Snowman have come out, as well.

These two NPC characters could be the beginning of the next phase of Fortnite. We already have NPC bosses, but could we have NPC quest-givers in a battle royale? It would be the first concept of its kind if added to Fortnite, and we’re excited to learn more.


Find out how to search chests in Upstate New York and catch fish at Heart Lake for the Fortnite Season 4 Week 10 challenges.


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October 29, 2020

The Fortnite Season 4 Week 10 challenges have gone live, giving players more XP on their quest toward the fil skin requirements. Most of the challenges are relatively easy to complete without too much direction, but there are two challenges that may raise some questions.

On challenge requires you to catch fish at Heart Lake. Chances are, you’ve never heard of this location before. This is because it was only added about a month ago when Iron Man and Stark Industries came to the game.

You can find Heart Lake in the center of the chunk of land that houses Stark Industries. This is also the lake outside Tony Stark’s Lake House from last week’s challenges.

Another challenge requires you to search chests in Upstate New York. As it turns out, you can complete both of these challenges at the same time. Upstate New York is what the aforementioned chunk of real estate is called.

There are a ton of chest spawns on this island – outside of those in Stark Industries. You can search the Lake House, the nearby cabin at Heart Lake, and some other chest scattered around the POI.

As is usually the case with these challenges, the best way to complete both of these challenges is to hop into a game of Team Rumble. You can probably complete both of these at the same time, if no one contests you.

You can take a look at the full list of Week 10 challenges here. Hopefully, this is enough to get everyone to level 100 and help unlock the unique foil variants for the season. Good luck!


A new Fortnite leak suggests that Kevin’s return could be sooner rather than later.


3 hours ago


October 29, 2020

We’ve seen several monumental characters come and go in the Fortnite universe. The Visitor and Midas seem to be two of the most important people to exist in Battle Royale. There’s a third character, though, that might be more important that both of them: Kevin.

Kevin is the community-given name to the massive cube that spawned on the Fortnite map during Chapter 1. He came out of the rift left by The Visitor, and drove the plotline of the chapter – nearly until its end, last year.

We still see the effects of Kevin – even in Chapter 2. Most notably, we have the Kevolution Energy Plant in Steamy Stacks that appears to have a liquified version of the cube that the new island is using for energy.

Kevin the Cube Fortnite skin

Since Kevin was such an iconic “character” in Fortnite, most fans expect to see him come back to the game. According to a recent leak, this might happen sooner rather than later.

Data miner, Mang0e, revealed that the sound files for Kevin the Cube had been added back to the game files. As he notes, “It is an oddly specific audio file so I can’t see them using it for a different asset.”

A Cube Audio file was added back into the game in 14.40.

This audio is called “Cube_Spawn_01”. I have no idea why it was added back, because it is an oddly specific audio file so I can’t see them using it for a different asset.

Huge thanks to @FunGamesLeaks for fixing audio!

— Mang0e👻- Fortnite Dataminer (@Mang0e_) October 28, 2020

When you combine this news with the recent leak from iFireMonkey, calling the Season 4 event, “The biggest event they’ve ever done,” it stands to reason that we could see Kevin return at the end of Season 4.

This is, of course, massive speculation, but it’s speculation based on some tangible facts. Will we see Kevin during the Season 4 event? Your guess is as good as ours, but there’s a chance.


New leaks point to a potential in-game currency coming to Fortnite Season 5.


22 hours ago


October 28, 2020

Fortnite Season 4 is nearly over, which means that fans are looking towards possibilities for Season 5. We haven’t heard very much about what the next season of Fortnite will bring us, but data miners have found a few items that could be coming down the line.

Hypex, one of the most popular data miners in the community, recently tweeted about a new “Wad” item that was added to the game files in the recent update. According to his tweet, “It’s planned to spawn in stashes & a safe.”

Based on the information that we have, the item looks like in-game currency (in-game meaning in a match, not in-game currency like V-Bucks).

A new “Wad” item/currency got added this update to the loot pool, it’s planned to spawn in stashes & a safe (thanks to @Not0fficer for the help):

– Small Wad Stash: 25

– Medium Wad Stash: 100

– Large Wad Stash: 250

– Wad Safe: 500

— HYPEX 🎃 (@HYPEX) October 27, 2020

Now, onto the speculative part. We have no idea what this item will be used for if it comes to the game, but there’s been a lot of talk about Epic potentially adding something similar to the Buy Stations from Warzone.

None of this talk has come from official sources, but streamers and fans of the game would love to see something like the Warzone Buy Stations come to Fortnite. They, seemingly, have the infrastructure for it too, with the Vending Machines from the last chapter.

As far as “stashes” and “safes” go, we could see something like the Buried Treasure that was around for a season or two in Chapter 1. For those who don’t remember, back in Season 7, you could grab a treasure map from a chest and it would direct you to nearby buried treasure – kind of like a Vault Keycard.

Of course, this is only big-time speculation and we have no idea what this “Wad” of, presumably, cash would do if it made it into the game. We can only hope that something like the Warzone buy stations will come to Fortnite at some point, though, and this could be our chance.

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