From Hot Mess to No Stress: Before and After Photos of 10 Inspiring Organizing Projects

From Hot Mess to No Stress: Before and After Photos of 10 Inspiring Organizing Projects

You’re not the only one who feels like 2020 has been the year everyone became obsessed with home organization. We certainly started noticing when the coronavirus lockdown first started in the spring. Many homeowners got busy clearing out years of junk and tidying up the spaces where they would be spending all their time.

But for some, the tidying trend was just that: a passing fad that has since stalled—or been abandoned altogether. Many of us still have a laundry list of organizing projects that have been pushed to the wayside for one reason or another. If you’re in that camp, we have a fix to get you back in the decluttering game. Look to the internet for inspiration, thanks to homeowners who have come up with great solutions for organizing their pantries, drawers, shelves, and under-sink hot spots.

Don’t be embarrassed by your messy areas. These visuals can help you tackle your organizing to-do list once and for all.

1. Bathroom drawer

A jumble of toothbrushes and floss is no way to live. Plus, facing this disaster when you wake up won’t help you start the day off on the right foot. Corralling little items isn’t hard, especially when you take advantage of drawer inserts or utensil trays.

Place like items together and toss anything that’s dried up or mostly empty, and your (work-from-home) mornings will begin more smoothly.

2. Linen closet

Think you can stuff one more towel in here without everything falling on your head when you open the door? No, you really can’t. Less is more when it comes to approaching sheets and towels in your linen closet.

This homeowner removed the iron and its dangling cord, made space by folding fitted sheets the right way, and then grouped like with like (as in, all the pillowcases together). And there’s a bit of empty space for something new to arrive. Win!

3. Bathroom counter

Banish bathroom counter chaos by editing ruthlessly so all that remains are the items you actually use every day.

For example, a select few beauty products can sit on the counter, but you don’t need to see everything you own. Let your staple products live on a pretty tray, and then stash the rest (neatly) in a cabinet below. Bonus points for finding an efficient way to keep your jewelry organized.

4. Home gym

You can’t get in a good workout if you’re constantly tripping over barbells and random cords on the floor. And by removing all the nonfitness items from this home gym space, you can see—and better reach—the equipment you own.

Metro shelving is the saving grace for projects like this one. If you also keep your home gym in the garage, you’ll see how efficient this type of shelving can be for holding workout equipment and other heavy items.

5. Garage that’s used for storage

This homeowner plowed through her garage junk and came out the other side with a plastic bin system and a smarter floor plan. Once her items were contained and organized on shelves, she set up pathways on either side, which makes entering and then locating what you need a breeze.

6. Kitchen appliances

The “before” version of this kitchen cabinet gets it half-right since the homeowner did try to organize her stuff in wire baskets. But sadly, they’re overstuffed and therefore difficult to use and even more frustrating to look at.

The “after” photo is much more soothing to look at because of her use of a taller plastic box and the holy grail of organizing products: a Lazy Susan. Now everything is fully accessible and belongs in its designated spot.

7. Clothes closet

Clothes need room to breathe, too! It’ll allow you to see what you own so you can enjoy your wardrobe to the fullest. Pare down your items by throwing them into one of three piles: keep, donate, and toss. And make like this homeowner and invest in a couple of smart-looking cubbies to hold items like purses and hats on an upper shelf.

8. Home office

Quick—what are the things that should be displayed on your desk? It’s not unpaid bills, plastic containers for snack foods, or loose cords. The answer is the bare minimum that you need to be productive: a laptop and/or monitor, maybe a notebook, and a coaster for a glass of water.

This homeowner found a slice of sanity by completely clearing the main workspace and then organizing overflow office supplies in the drawer. A fabric or cork bulletin board is also a great tool to keep papers from cluttering your workspace.

9. Laundry room

These images prove that superior shelving will lead to better—or just less stressful—living. The shelves in the before photo were too narrow, and the laundry room’s supplies ended up getting squished together. But with a larger shelf system, items are spaced out and easy to see. Plus, the addition of several nifty hooks means you can hang up delicate items to dry.

10. Outdoor shed

When in doubt, hang it up! Tangled garden hoses and tipped-over bikes made this storage shed look like a tornado hit it. But once the beach chairs were hung on the wall, the pool toys were stacked on a shelf, and smaller items were stashed in crates, this shed space made sense.

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