Google’s Wear OS Finally Gets a Critical Apple Watch Feature

Google’s Wear OS Finally Gets a Critical Apple Watch Feature
Unlocking Android phone with watch

Google announced that it is bringing a feature that’s been available on Apple watch and iphone for some time. Now, Wear OS watches will be able to unlock your Android device and Chromebook when they’re nearby, saving you a little bit of time and effort.

Currently, Google has it set up so you can unlock your Chromebook from your Android phone, but now the company is adding the same type of crossover to Wear OS. Once the new feature goes live, you’ll be able to quickly unlock your Android smartphone or Chromebook from your Wear OS watch.

In a blog post, Google said the following:

Today, you can already unlock your Chromebook with your Android phone to quickly get right to work. In the coming months, we’ll bring this feature to your paired Wear OS smartwatch so you can instantly unlock and access your Chromebook and Android phone or tablet when you’re close by.

It sounds like a valuable update for Wear OS, and it will go towards Google creating a more defined ecosystem where its devices work together. This comes along with Google announcing better integrations between Android and Windows PCs. It’s clear that with these moves, Google is looking at Apple’s ecosystem and trying to create something similar.

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