GoPro’s New 3-Way 2.0 Mount is a Better Tripod, Selfie Stick, and Grip

GoPro’s New 3-Way 2.0 Mount is a Better Tripod, Selfie Stick, and Grip
A GoPro on a 3-Way mount in tripod mode

GoPro’s original 3-Way mount is a well-liked accessory that cuts down on the number of grips you might carry for your videos. But it isn’t perfect, and the tripod, in particular, is flimsy. The new $69.99 3-Way 2.0 fixes that thanks to an overhaul that improves the design while respecting the past.

The original 3-Way mount tucked a tripod option into its grip. You pulled it out, screwed it into the bottom of the grip, and placed it down. But it wasn’t a very sturdy tripod, which limited its usefulness for long shots like a time-lapse.

A GoPro on a 3-Way mount in compact tripod mode

The upgrade 3-Way 2.0 forgoes that design in favor of a more sturdy option. Now the bottom of the grip splits into a tripod mode, with three larger and heftier legs holding the grip up. You’ll still get a selfie stick mode that benefits from a hinged design you can use to hide the pole from your shots. And it supports a straight grip mode as well, perfect for long sessions that might otherwise tire out your hand.

But the improved tripod isn’t the only upgrade on show. The grip now uses a buckle mount in place of the old finger mount. You’ll need the other half of the buckle mount to attach your GoPro to the 3-Way, but GoPro cameras typically come with that. And thanks to the new design, moving your GoPro from the 3-Way to other accessories (which often also use buckle mounts) should be easier.

And just under the mount is a new ball joint that will let you pivot the camera or swivel it 360 degrees so you can take the perfect shot.

The GoPro 3-Way 2.0 mount is $69.99. You can buy it from the company’s site. If you want to save a few dollars and don’t mind the old tripod style, you can buy the original model on Amazon (for at least a little longer).

The original mount

GoPro 3-Way mount

If you want to save a few dollars, grab the original 3-Way mount while you can. The tripod isn’t as good as the sequel, but many people still like it.

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