Here’s What Happened to Coop in Season 3 of All American

Here’s What Happened to Coop in Season 3 of <em>All American</em>

Another season of The CW’s All American just ended, and like any good drama, left us with more questions than answers (plus a new spin-off). It also left us desperate to know when season 4 is coming. The high school football show has viewers hooked on the lives of main character Spencer and his family and friends. The lives of these Los Angeles teens are way more complicated than where they want to go to college.

One of Spencer’s close friends is Tamia “Coop” Cooper. She’s an aspiring musician who struggles throughout the first season to reveal her sexuality to her mother. If that wasn’t enough stress for a teenager to deal with, Coop also grapples with local gangs and has to do her best to avoid the law.

In season three, her gang affiliation threatens her life. Coop is preparing to leave Los Angeles and Spencer behind (and take her girlfriend Patience with her). The two leave on a bus, which is then pulled over on suspicion of having narcotics. Thankfully, the police find nothing because Coop got rid of any drugs before she left. Coop then heads to gang member Mo’s house.

Viewers learned the police call, though, was a set up by Mo to get Coop arrested. Since Coop is very much alive and not in jail, Mo pulls a gun on Coop. Although Coop tries to talk her down, Mo shoots anyway. The last we see of Coop is her bleeding out. But is that the last we see of her?

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Is Coop in All American Alive?

The short answer is: we don’t know. Actress Bre-Z, who plays Coop on the show, hasn’t announced she’s leaving the show, so there’s still hope. All fans can do is wait until we get more information on season 4, which is set to premiere on October 25, 2021 on The CW. Stay strong, Coop!

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