Honey Buz Releases “Buz Your Face”; All Natural Skin Care Line, Salon Crafted “True Face Care” for Your Skin Regime

Honey Buz Releases “Buz Your Face”; All Natural Skin Care Line, Salon Crafted “True Face Care” for Your Skin Regime

Honey Buz located in the Hudson Valley brings new face care to an all natural product line up that features honey and hemp blended with botanicals in sustainable packaging.

Honey Buz Releases

Middletown, NY, February 10, 2021 –(PR.com)– Honey Buz Inc., makers of all-natural hair products, have released the latest product line addition.

The “Buz your Face” line is formulated using locally sourced ingredients and botanicals blended with the wellness of honey and hemp to create “true skin care” products that care for your skin and are designed specifically for your face. Chemical free, preservative free, no dyes, or silicone additives ever. The latest products read like a salad bar.

Clear Bee is a solid cleansing bar which naturally exfoliates pores for clear skin that is gentle not harsh. White willow bark, rooibos tea, colloidal oatmeal.

Fat Bee is an overnight replenishing deep moisture cream featuring all the fat-soluble vitamins your skin needs.

Queen Bee – a royal treatment throughout the day is rich in antioxidants, like kale, carrot, green tea, mango, Apple cider vinegar – a salad bar for your face.

Honey Buz is leading a trend in “beauty with sustainability.” By supporting beekeepers and local farmers, along with reducing waste in the form of biodegradable and recycled packaging; the company is active in balancing the needs of the present with resources available for the future. Further, by reducing or eliminating water during manufacturing, products are concentrated, long-lasting and tested for purity.

About Honey Buz
Located in the Hudson Valley of NY State, known for natural beauty and organic farming; allows this company to utilize natural ingredients with local sourcing for all formulations. Products are salon crafted with Honey and Hemp blends and botanicals for personal beauty and wellness.

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