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How the Fitness Craze is Inspiring Businesses


While many gyms and health clubs were forced to close their doors earlier in the year due to covid-19 restrictions, it didn’t prevent millions of people from throwing themselves into their fitness goals. In fact, sales of at-home exercise equipment soared in the U.S. and the rapid introduction of virtual fitness classes offered a new way for fitness businesses to serve their customers.

Now that many areas are allowing indoor venues to re-open, gyms and health clubs are looking for innovative ways to provide a safe space for people to work out. As well as providing access to hand sanitizer and moving equipment to facilitate social distancing, some businesses are introducing the idea of outdoor workouts too.

Will Outdoor Workouts Take Off?

Even when people are able to return to the gym, many members are understandably worried about the risk of visiting indoor venues. If you have a family member who is immunocompromised, for example, you may be wary about visiting a movie theater, gym or shopping mall.

The CDC has confirmed that COVID-19 is more likely to be transmitted indoors, due to difficulty social distancing and ineffective ventilation. By offering outdoor training facilities, fitness businesses can offer their members a safer alternative to working out indoors.

What Does Outdoor Training Involve?

Outdoor fitness sessions can be as varied as you like, which is one of the reasons they’re already so popular. With portable equipment, personal trainers can offer socially distanced one-to-one sessions, group training and fitness classes. However, it doesn’t have to stop there.

Creating an outdoor gym, complete with rubber flooring, means members can access the professional gym equipment they’ve been missing. With pour in place surfacing from Robertson Recreational Surfaces, it’s easy to install outdoor equipment securely and provide additional support to prevent injuries. From cross trainers and exercise bikes to flex wheels, push up bars and chest press, there is a wide range of equipment designed to be installed and used outdoors.

What Are the Benefits of Training Outdoors?

We already know that the transmission of coronavirus is more likely to happen indoors, which means outdoor training is preferable for the foreseeable future. However, there are additional benefits to be gained from working out in the fresh air.

Being outside can boost your serotonin levels and help to relieve anxiety and depression, for example. With many people experiencing symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), outdoor training can be an effective and natural remedy. Similarly, training outdoors allows people to boost their vitamin D absorption, which contributes to a healthy immune system and bone development.

Of course, after spending so much time stuck at home this year, millions of people are eager to enjoy being outside once again. While at-home exercise equipment has enabled many people to maintain their fitness, any regular gym-goer will be eager to get back to their usual regime.

By installing outdoor equipment and incorporating outdoor training sessions into their services, gyms, health clubs and fitness businesses can find safe ways to re-open, serve their existing community and attract new members.



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