How to unlock Raz’s Glyph Master variant in Fortnite

How to unlock Raz’s Glyph Master variant in Fortnite


Fortnite has added Batman’s makeshift Bat Cave to the map, and its located on the outskirts of Slurpy Swamp.


3 hours ago


April 28, 2021

Fortnite Batman Bat Cave

While data miners thought they had leaked the location of Fortnite’s Bat Cave, the humble shack was under our noses the whole time.

Fortnite v16.30 was released on Tuesday, April 27, and data miners were quick to discover assets for Batman’s Bat Cave. The Bat Cave is a small wooden shack identical to the one in the Fortnite x Batman crossover comics.

Additionally, a new island was spotted directly south of Flush Factory. It was believed that the Bat Cave shack would be placed on this small island at a later date, but that isn’t the case. Batman’s Bat Cave is already on the island.

Fortnite Batman Bat Cave Shack

Batman’s Bat Cave location in Fortnite

There isn’t much to see at Batman’s Bat Cave, and the location’s loot is less than substantial. There are a few chest spawns and floor loot spots, but it won’t be anyone’s new drop spot. However, it is neat to be able to visit Batman’s temporary headquarters.

The Bat Cave is located on the outskirts of Slurpy Swamp beside a small cliff. The where it is found is also identical to where it was placed in the comics. The small shack is marked with the Batman symbol above the front door. As well, it is decorated with Batarangs, outdated equipment, and a chalkboard filled with scribbles.

Fortnite Batman Bat Cave Map Locations
Fortnite Batman Bat Cave Interior

This could end up being the location of a Batman NPC in the near future which would give it more of a purpose. However, some fans speculate that a much larger underground Bat Cave will be added to Fortnite in a later update.

This still leaves players to question why Fortnite added the new island if it wasn’t the intended location of the Bat Cave. Will a new landmark be added to the landmass? Will it even be related to Fortnite’s crossover with DC? We will keep you posted as more Batman x Fortnite news comes to light.


Neymar Jr. has finally arrived in Fortnite Season 6, but he is locked behind completing quests for soccer Player characters.


1 day ago


April 27, 2021

Fortnite Neymar jr Soccer Character Locations

Fortnite players who own the Season 6 Battle Pass can unlock the Neymar Jr. skin for free, but it’ll take a few rounds to do so. You’ll have to find the Fortnite soccer Player characters first, but they might not be around for long.

Fortnite teased the addition of Neymar Jr. at the start of Season 6. Similar to Deadpool and Aquaman, Neymar Jr. is this season’s secret Battle Pass character. He’s given to Battle Pass owners for free, but they have to complete challenges to earn him.

These challenges aren’t normally very hard to complete. Season 5’s Predator skin only required players to eliminate the Predator mini-boss at Stealthy Stronghold, but Neymar Jr. is proving a little more difficult to obtain.

Fortnite Neymar Jr Trailer

This is because players have to complete five quests given to them by one of the three Fortnite soccer Player characters. Usually, players want to stay away from the sweaty soccer skins, but now they will have to go hunting for them.

Pleasant Park soccer Player

The most obvious place to find a soccer Player is also the most dangerous. One of the Fortnite soccer Player characters is located right in the middle of Pleasant Park’s soccer field. Pleasant Park being a hot drop on any given day is now swarming with dozens of players who are all trying to complete their challenges.

Fortnite Pleasant Park Soccer Player Location

Because Pleasant Park is a popular place to drop, players might have better luck if they find one of the other two soccer Players. However, the number of enemy players isn’t the biggest issue players have to deal with.

Holly Hedges soccer Player

One of the soccer Player characters is located at Holly Hedges. This POI is located on the west side of the map, and the inclusion of the soccer Player has made it a hot spot. Regardless, the Fortnite soccer Player character is located on the small soccer field outside the eastern-most house.

Fortnite Soccer Player Holly hedges Locations

Dirty Docks soccer Player

The last Fortnite soccer Player character is located on the far east side of the map at Dirty Docks. There is an out-of-place soccer field on the east side of the docks directly south of the large warehouse building. The soccer Player will be standing on the pitch.

Fortnite Dirty Docks Soccer Player Location

The greatest challenge when it comes to finding the Fortnite Soccer Player characters is not being too late. They are easy enough to find, but enemy players have made a habit of killing the NPCs before another player can use them. While a good strategy would have been waiting until the commotion dies down, players will have to jump into the fray instead.


Fortnite has added Raz’s Mythic Explosive Bow. This devastating new bow is obtained by defeating a new mini-boss.


1 day ago


April 27, 2021

Fortnite Raz Mythic Explosive Bow

Fortnite’s devastating explosive bow may have been removed from crafting, but it’s back and more powerful than ever. Raz’s Mythic Explosive Bow isn’t easy to get, but it’s worth the effort.

Bows have been one of the main focuses of Fortnite Season 6, and every major update has added new bow types to the game. Players are able to craft different bows using the season’s new crafting system, or they can purchase them from NPCs.

New Mythic weapons have also been added each week that can either be purchased from friendly NPCs or looted from hostile NPCs. The Spire is home to the deadliest NPCs that will reward players with immensely powerful weapons if defeated. However, it takes a lot of bullets and skill to best these opponents.

Fortnite Raz Spire Mythic Bow

So far, players are able to get their hands on an assortment of Mythic weapons. Two mythic bows were added as a part of the Fortnite v16.20, and another two have been added during v16.30. One of the new bows is Raz’s Mythic Explosive Bow.

Raz is a new mini-boss added as a part of this update that can be found patrolling The Spire. He is equipped with the new Mythic Explosive Bow and a unique superpower that attacks the player’s white health directly. With a near 2000 health points and the ability to teleport, taking down Raz can be difficult.

One defeated, you can pick up Raz’s Mythic Explosive Bow. This bow does 98 damage to the body and 244 to the head. It also sends out a volley of explosives on impact which tear through the opponent’s builds.

The addition of Raz’s Mythic Explosive Bow has also affected competitive play. The normal Explosive Bow was removed from competitive a few weeks ago, but the Mythic variant is available in competitive. As well, players can no longer craft the normal Explosive Bow in casual lobbies.

The Unstable Bow was also added as a purchasable Mythic bow that randomly cycles between fire, stink, shockwave, and explosive arrows after every shot. While it’s no guarantee that the next shot will be explosive, the Unstable bow is a safer way to shoot explosive rounds.

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