I kind of wish this IKEA and Renault electric kit car concept was real

I kind of wish this IKEA and Renault electric kit car concept was real



This is an IKEA and Renault electric kit car concept designed by Ryan Schlotthauer for his bachelor thesis:

It’s making the rounds on the internet as if it’s a real project between Renault and IKEA, but sadly Renault confirmed it is simply an academic exercise and they aren’t officially involved in any way. IKEA also put out a statement, saying:

“We are happy to see there is such a great interest in Mr. Schlotthauer’s Senior Thesis in the media. We very much like the idea ourselves of a new way of mobility and, we have in fact explored both skateboards and bikes in our range in the past. However, as happy as we are that students continue to get inspired by Ikea, we would like to clarify that to this day there isn’t any ongoing or planned collaboration between Ikea and Renault. This was merely elaborated on in the student room of Mr. Schlotthaur, which – possibly – is furnished with a Micke or Bekant desk. But that would be as far as Ikea was ever involved in the Höga project. We thank Mr. Schlotthaur for the smile he put on our faces and wish him and all students the best for their preparing for their Senior Thesis this spring!”

It’s too bad, because I’ve always wanted a car I had to assemble myself and would fall apart as I was driving down the road because I forgot to put in a single critical screw that was holding the whole thing together.

You can check out more of Ryan’s HÖGA IKEA mobility car concept on his Behance page.

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