Is Altcoin Season in December? These Altcoins May be the Best Bet For Traders

Is Altcoin Season in December? These Altcoins May be the Best Bet For Traders

The crypto space has been within the bullish trend after suffering extreme losses led by the collapse of the popular exchange. Meanwhile, the recent relief from the bearish captivity has induced a notable bullish momentum within the markets which may further push the altcoins higher. 

A well-known analyst, Altcoin Sherpa, lists out potential altcoins which may propel high in December 2020


The Dogecoin price pumped significantly in recent times which ignited a bullish wave within the markets. Meanwhile, the analyst believes that the DOGE price rally could be likely unsustainable as he believes that the pump could due to some Elon Musk. Moreover, the possibility of the traders entering the short position at $0.09 appears to be pretty high. 


Litecoin price is displaying huge potential to range high as the rally appears to have accumulated enough strength to lay down a notable upswing. The analyst notes the possibility of a gigantic upswing after bouncing off from the lower support a couple of times, forming a double-bottom pattern. Meanwhile, the price is facing minor rejection, but could soon rise high slicing through the immediate resistance. 

Polygon (MATIC) 

The MATIC price has been incremental even since it rebounded from the lows. The price constantly bounced off from the lower support at 0 FIB at around $0.75 and heading towards 0.5 FIB levels at $0.85 and further head towards 1 FIB levels at around $1.05. 

“Some trade ideas, mostly waiting right now.

LTC: Scalp, patiently waiting for $70 if it comes, not sure if it will or not. 

Also eyeing a MATIC swing position.

Stay safe out there homies,”

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