Is It Worth Adding AirTags to Luggage?

Is It Worth Adding AirTags to Luggage?

For the price, it’d be silly not to take advantage of an AirTag.


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Apple AirTag in a case attached to a backpack
Justin Duino / Review Geek

Even when you’re headed to a tranquil beach, traveling for a vacation can be stressful, especially if the airline loses your bag. It’s one of the worst feelings ever, so if you’re wondering, “Is it worth adding AirTags to luggage?” here’s how one can help.

Last year, the travel industry rebounded big time, and it looks like this summer will be another popular travel season. Regardless of where you’re going, whether for work or play, one of Apple’s $30 AirTag devices can save you all sorts of headaches.

Peace of Mind at the Airport

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If you’ve traveled in the last 12 months, you’ve likely experienced an issue or two at the airport. We’ve seen a slew of delays, long lines, and wild cancellations like Southwest dealt with at the end of 2022. And that’s before mentioning the insane prices and general airline chaos as of late.

Traveling is already stressful enough, but worrying about if your flight is about to get canceled, if you’ll have enough time to reach the next plane on a layover, and whether or not your bags actually make it to your destination makes things even worse.

With all the things that could go wrong, you’ve surely thought about adding an AirTag or Tile tracker to your luggage. I’m here to tell you that considering they’re only $29 and work as well as they do, thanks to Apple’s Find My network, it’s almost silly not to.

Throw an AirTag inside your luggage, give it a name, and fire up your iphone or ipad to start tracking. You’ll get notifications as it floats away on the conveyor belt behind closed doors and real-time alerts when it’s near you again under the plane.

Instead of just wondering (or hoping) it made it to the destination, you can track everything yourself in seconds. Knowing exactly when it’ll get spit out at the luggage pickup carousel reduces that anxiety and will help you keep an eye on your stuff.

The bottom line is that an AirTag tracker can help give you a little peace of mind while at the airport, and any way that I can reduce some stress and prepare for a vacation, the better.

Better and Faster Than Airline Tracking

Apple AirTag being set up on an Apple iPhone
Justin Duino / Review Geek

There’s an argument to be made that adding an AirTag to your luggage is somewhat redundant, mainly because many airlines these days have tracking measures in place. And while that’s true, and you can fire up the Delta or American Airlines app and look, it’s not nearly as fast or accurate as Apple’s system.

Plus, trusting that the airline notification is correct is a bit scary in itself. Bags often get lost in transit, and those scans aren’t always accurate. With AirTags, you have a bit more control.

I fly Southwest, which sadly doesn’t have a tracking system built into the app, meaning I have to sit on hold or stand by the luggage retrieval area and hope an employee can help if a bag disappears. Only select airlines have tracking options, and the ones that do aren’t that great.

Sure, Tile trackers have a bit further range when it comes to Bluetooth tracking, but with how many iOS devices are readily available makes Apple’s Find My network excellent. It works almost anywhere, not to mention it is fast and highly accurate.

If offered at all, many airline luggage tracking apps will only give you a rough idea of where your belongings are. By throwing an AirTag inside, you’ll enjoy fast pinpoint accuracy, and that’s something worth paying for. And yes, you can even track your AirTag and luggage on Android phones.

Put Your AirTag Inside Luggage

Apple AirTag in a case attached to car keys and sitting on a table
Justin Duino / Review Geek

If you take a quick peek on Amazon, you’ll find a slew of luggage tags with built-in AirTag holders. And while those are a neat idea, I’d advise against it.

Your best bet is to put your AirTag in a case or keychain and throw it inside your luggage. Don’t just clip it to the zipper on the outside and call it a day. I say that because luggage doesn’t get treated all that great and can easily get snagged or break off during transit.

More importantly, if someone at luggage pickup “accidentally” snags the wrong bag and takes yours, it’s easy for a thief to locate your AirTag, yank it off, and walk away with your suitcase. Putting the tracker inside, preferably hidden, gives you the best chance of getting your luggage back safely. Here are a few solid options worth buying.

AirTag Alternatives

Jason Montoya / Review Geek

Honestly, I’d say that any tracker is better than nothing. With all the options available these days and due to how cheap Bluetooth trackers are, it’s simply a smart move.

Tile has excellent tracking devices, we were impressed by our Chipolo One tracker review, and Samsung SmartTags also have similar functions. We’re even hearing Google plans to release its own later this summer.

Essentially, while Apple’s AirTag system is one of the most robust, it’s not your only option to keep tabs on your luggage.

In closing, yes, you should absolutely add AirTags to your luggage if you own a few. They’re small, affordable, and work wonderfully. Combining that with the fact that you can pull it off, then use it to keep an eye on your keys, phone, wallet, or anything else during a vacation makes an AirTag even more helpful.

Even if your airline does offer tracking, an AirTag is still a solid and easy option that’ll only give you peace of mind during your travels. Then, continue using them when you return home to the real world full of responsibilities.

If you’re booking a flight this summer, spend a few extra bucks and get an AirTag tracker. Or, buy a pack for the entire family. You’ll be glad you did. And hey, if your airline does indeed lose your bag, take advantage of the Department of Transportation (DOT) rules and regulations and get up to $3,800 to replace your stuff.

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