Italian police deliver donated kidney 300 miles in two hours using a Lamborghini

Italian police deliver donated kidney 300 miles in two hours using a Lamborghini


In one of the most Italian things that has ever happened, the Italian police used a Lamborghini Huracan to transport a donated kidney more than 300 miles from Rome to Padua, averaging 145 mph for the two hour trip.

The Lamborghini Huracan they used, which was specially modified for such tasks with a refrigerated frunk, was obtained by the Italian police back in 2017. Speedy organ delivery isn’t its only job, though. In fact, it’s a regular patrol vehicle for the department with lights, a police computer and other equipment necessary to perform traffic stops and arrests. Luckily for other speeders, it was too busy flying down the road for officers to check their radar guns.

The Italian State Police actually has a few Huracans for situations like these, and they’re also outfitted with a refrigerated frunk for transporting organs or other temperature-sensitive medical supplies. The vehicles also have defibrillators on board, making them much more than just a loud way to give tickets to speeding Italian motorists.

Sure, they could’ve helicoptered the kidney which would’ve been safer and faster, but this is Italy. Obviously it makes more sense to drive the thing with a damn Lamborghini (and make a video of it in the process). I imagine they must’ve also been yelling “Mama mia!” the entire time and scarfing down plates of spaghetti to calm their nerves.

Grazie alla nostra @Lamborghini Huracan abbiamo trasportato in tempo il rene di un donatore per il trapianto a una persona

“Per salvare una vita non servono superpoteri” anche solidarietà, tecnologia ed efficienza aiutano @CNTrapianti @MinisteroSalute #essercisempre#5novembre

— Polizia di Stato (@poliziadistato) November 5, 2020

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