I’ve got an X570, have a multitude of USB devices connected directly or via…

I’ve got an X570, have a multitude of USB devices connected directly or via…

The Reddit account AMDOfficial has acknowledged what it calls “intermittent USB connectivity issues” that, as several individuals have pointed out already, affects motherboards with 500-series chipsets (X570 and B550, for example). Despite AMD’s estimation that it has been encountered by “a small number of users”, it has attracted well over 650 comments already, most of which describe the issue and how it affects their particular set-up.

An overview of these reports indicates that the USB connection issue is present across a wide range of motherboards from a variety of different manufacturers (Asus, ASRock and MSI included). It can seemingly affect pretty much all types, generations and standards of USB, and can be reproduced in a broad range of connected devices, most prominently VR equipment or USB DACs.

u/AMDOfficial has advised those who contribute to this new thread that they may be required to divulge “detailed hardware configurations, steps to reproduce the issue, specific logs, and other system information pertinent to verifying our development efforts“.

They might also be contacted directly by AMD via direct message for more details, and are also advised to submit feedback on the problem via the OEM’s online service request form. This data will, apparently, be used to generate “an update when we have more details to share“.

Meanwhile, the random disconnect issue seems to rage on unabated and without a fix at the moment, with one user in particular claiming that they have disabled all USB inputs on their Asus B550-F via BIOS out of frustration with it. Therefore, AMD’s response to the problem will hopefully be in evidence without delay.

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