Japan raises emissions cut target to 46% by 2030

Japan raises emissions cut target to 46% by 2030

TOKYO (AP) — Japan said Thursday it will raise its greenhouse gas emissions reduction target to 46% on 2013 levels from 26%, NHK television reported.

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has set a goal to achieve carbon neutrality in Japan by 2050.

Suga on Thursday announced a new more ambitious target of 46% in emissions reduction by 2030, significantly up from the current 26% from the 2013 levels, NHK said.

It comes hours before Suga attends a virtual climate summit hosted by President Joe Biden.

Japan has been under pressure from European countries to do more than its earlier target of 26%.

Suga, during his visit to Washington last week, agreed to cooperate in leading global efforts to decarbonize by promoting clean energy technologies and implementing the 2015 Paris accord.

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