JT Reveals She Cried After Sending Her Dog To A Two-Week Training

JT Reveals She Cried After Sending Her Dog To A Two-Week Training

JT kept it 1srcsrc recently when she revealed that saying a temporary goodbye to her fur baby had her in tears. By now, you’ve likely seen the rapper post footage of her dark chocolate pup named Bean. Well, it looks like Bean might’ve been in need of some house training! JT told her followers earlier this week that her dog was sent to a two-week training.

Missing Bean

JT first posted a photo of Bean peeking from behind a locked kennel to her Instagram Story. In white text, she wrote “my baby going to training we both cried (I’m still crying).” She continued, “I’m gonna miss you so much Bean Bean.”

In a follow-up post to her Instagram Story, JT appeared to be shedding tears. She shared a zoomed image of her eye and wet area beneath it with the words, “real tears for bean, 2 weeks is too long.”

JT also shared additional footage of her dog, from a video riding in the car to sharing to Bean giving his mama pup kisses.

“Bean who gone hold be down,” JT wrote in one slide. “I know my baby looking for me.”

And it looks like some folks online found JT’s distress amusing. The star took time to address that online chatter.

“Never telling y’all my business again y’all laughing ain’t sh*t funny,” JT wrote on a photo of a city skyline view.

JT Shows Her Bae Love

And while JT’s fur baby will be away for some time, the artist might still have her bae Lil Uzi Vert to love on. On Saturday, the star hopped online to stick beside his fresh ‘do. The male rapper popped out with spikey, black hair. When a Twitter user wrote “is this JT MAN,” she had a straightforward response.

“Yeah who else man would it be but MINE,” she wrote.

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