Justin Bieber a big fan of Don Toliver

Justin Bieber a big fan of Don Toliver

Justin Bieber joins Ebro Darden on New Music Daily on Apple Music 1 to discuss his new song “Honest” with Don Toliver. Bieber tells Apple Music about being a genuine fan of Don Toliver, what he loves about his unique musicality, working with rapper, songwriter, and producer BEAM on the track, the fun of experimenting rhythmically, and more.

Justin Bieber Tells Apple Music About Being a Genuine Fan of Don Toliver…

Man, so I have always just loved his… He’s got such a unique, I mean, the best way to say it is his swag. I don’t know if that word is dated, but… he just has this like little bop about him and he’s very unique, he’s very Houston. Shout out to Houston. We’re going to be in Houston on Friday I believe. And so, yeah, I just love his melodies these are honestly insane. He has a really amazing cadence to his songs and his music. And I’m just a genuine fan. He’s very unique. And he just is himself. And that’s what I love about any artist that can just has a lane and does what they do and does it well.

Justin Bieber Tells Apple Music About Working with BEAM on “Honest”…

I like to just think of it as just it’s a little pocket and I just found a little pocket on the song. I don’t know if you’ve heard of artist and writer, BEAM. So BEAM is a part of this record too. He helped write this song and yeah, once again, his little pockets are crazy and I love experimenting with new pockets, new rhythms. I’m a drummer, so for me being able to experiment with those little pockets is it’s fun, man. It’s really fun.

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