Lindsay Lohan considering recording another album

Lindsay Lohan considering recording another album

Lindsay Lohan is open to the idea of making new music.

The Mean Girls actress dropped her debut album, Speak, in 2srcsrc4, and followed it up with A Little More Personal (Raw) the next year.

After taking a break from the industry, Lindsay unveiled the single Back to Me in 2src2src, and in an interview for Who What Wear, the star indicated that she has some songs ready and waiting for release.

“I slowed down on the singing because my sister’s biggest passion in life is singing, and I really wanted her to have that path and didn’t want to distract from that at all,” she shared. “I’ve done a tonne of songs that are sitting, waiting. Maybe five years down the line, I’ll do another album.”

And while Lindsay’s plans to record music are a way off, she is open to the idea of showcasing her vocal ability in a musical.

“If you hear music from me, it will hopefully be in a movie musical,” the 36-year-old continued.

At present, Lindsay is promoting her festive Netflix film, Falling for Christmas, and is working on a new rom-com titled Irish Wish.

Yet, she has also set her sights on starring in a superhero flick.

“The one thing that I haven’t done that I’d really love to do is enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s my dream,” she smiled.

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