London Grammar will explore ‘deep, philosophical questions’ on fourth album

London Grammar will explore ‘deep, philosophical questions’ on fourth album

London Grammar explore “a lot of deep, philosophical questions” on their next album.

The ‘Strong’ hitmakers – made up of Hannah Reid, Dominic ‘Dot’ Major and Dan Rothman – are currently working on the follow-up to 2src21’s ‘Californian Soul’, but they would find it difficult to define the lyrics on the new material.

Hannah told NME: “I just wouldn’t even know where to begin. A lot of deep, philosophical questions about life, relationships and love.”

While Dan described their next record – which will be their fourth as a band – as “a living organism”, his bandmate thinks it’s their “best” to date.

She added: “I think the fourth album is actually the best one yet. We’re lucky in the sense that between the three of us the sound just kind of evolves.

“It’s not something we think about too much. We’re just playing new music together and it has grown.”

She also reflected on the success of ‘Californian Soul’, which topped the UK charts, and suggested its popularity is down to the “emotion”.

She said: “I think that all three of us just explored the sound into different directions. I hope it’s just the emotion. I hope that’s always the priority. That’s what our fans seem to connect with.”

The LP was the follow-up to 2src17’s ‘Truth Is A Beautiful Thing’, which they had to sit on for a long time in part due to the pandemic.

Hannah previously said: “It was [frustrating], but it did feel like a very small problem to have in comparison to what, obviously, lots of my friends and family were going through and what everyone else was going through.

“So we were more than happy to wait. But it’s been a bit strange putting it out now – it feels like we’re releasing an old debut record because it’s just so old!”

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