Luke Evans Is Looking More Ripped Than Ever in New Shirtless Photo

Luke Evans Is Looking More Ripped Than Ever in New Shirtless Photo

Luke Evans has made a habit of showing off his muscular physique, and in particular his shredded six-pack abs, while working on his latest project in Colombia. The result of a year’s worth of intense training, which saw the actor lean down and get ripped in quarantine while gyms were closed in 2src2src, Evans’ body is clearly a point of pride, as proven in his latest pair of Instagram photos.

“I bought a new hat…it’s a biggun,” he wrote in the caption, which let’s be honest, is the most paper-thin, gleefully disingenuous justification for posting a full-on thot shot on main. And frankly, good for him.

Evans’ thirst trap game has been exceptionally strong while on location in Bogotá, with a series of gratuitous shirtless selfies taken in the gym, on the beach, on balconies, and at sunrise. He’s also kept up with his rigorous workout regime while on location, including training with the Colombian Army on a local military base in order to get in peak physical shape and help himself get into character.

This has all been for his upcoming Apple TV+ original series Echo 3, an action thriller in which Evans plays a former mercenary named “Bunny” who must team up with his brother-in-law and utilize his deadly skills and shady connections when his sister is abducted. And then that physique will come in handy for the Disney prequel The Little Town, where Evans will be reprising the role of swole bad guy Gaston.

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