Madonna slams DaBaby’s recent homophobic comments

Madonna slams DaBaby’s recent homophobic comments

Madonna has slammed DaBaby’s recent homophobic comments.

The Red Light Green Light rapper, whose real name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, sparked controversy last weekend when he told the crowd at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami, Florida that HIV and AIDS would “make you die in two or three weeks”, despite many people being able to live long lives with the virus thanks to medicine that has been around since the ’90s.

His comments have been blasted by celebrities including Dua Lipa and Elton John, and now Papa Don’t Preach singer Madonna, a longtime LGBTQ+ rights activist, has weighed in.

“If you’re going to make hateful remarks to the LGBTQ+ community about HIV/AIDS, then know your facts,” she began her Instagram post.

Referring to the phrasing of DaBaby’s comments, the 62-year-old wrote: “I want to put my cellphone lighter up and pray for your ignorance. No one dies of AIDS in two or three weeks anymore.

“People like you are the reason we are still living in a world divided by fear. All Human beings should be treated with dignity and respect regardless of race, gender, sexual preference or religious beliefs. AMEN.”

Dua Lipa, who collaborated with DaBaby on her current hit Levitating, condemned his actions, saying she was “horrified” by his words.

In response to the outrage, DaBaby has released a new music video with an “apology” for last weekend’s statements. In the Giving What It’s Supposed To Give video, DaBaby holds up a sign saying “AIDS”, but also raps lyrics using the syndrome as a synonym.

Fans commented on the video confused as to whether it was an apology or a further attack on the LGBTQ+ community.

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