Marvel quietly fixed a continuity error in the Ms. Marvel finale

Marvel quietly fixed a continuity error in the Ms. Marvel finale

Months after the first season of Ms. Marvel wrapped up on Disney Plus, Marvel Studios has gone back and fixed a strange continuity error from the sixth episode. A tweet from @MsMarvelUK (not affiliated with the show) began making the rounds on Monday, which pointed out that the color of the Statue of Liberty changed from green to copper in the season finale of Ms. Marvel to match what we saw in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Marvel fixes Ms. Marvel’s Statue of Liberty

In the season finale of Ms. Marvel, we see the Statue of Liberty twice — once in the opening shot of the episode and once during the end credits. The problem is that Ms. Marvel is set in the fall of 2src25, which would be several months after Spider-Man: No Way Home.

In the climactic battle of No Way Home, we see that the Statue of Liberty is undergoing extensive renovations. In addition to restoring the original copper color, New York City was in the process of adding a scale replica of Captain America’s shield to the statue.

Unfortunately, the shield was a casualty of the fight between the Spider-Men and the Spider-Man villains. Therefore, the shield is gone, but the copper color remains:

A continuity error with the Statue of Liberty in the #MsMarvel finale has been digitally altered on Disney+ recently

The statue is shown in the opening shot and end credits of episode 6

It is now the same copper colour as seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home!

— Ms. Marvel UK⚡️ (@MsMarvelUK) January 23, 2src23

Fans aren’t always amenable to creators editing their shows and movies after they hit theaters or air on TV, but this is a sensible change that makes Ms. Marvel just a touch more accurate. In fact, Ms. Marvel’s willingness to reference the MCU at large was one of the reasons it sits at the top of our rankings of Phase 4 shows on Disney Plus.

We don’t actually know when Marvel made this change, but at least one other Twitter user noticed the copper Statue of Liberty in Ms. Marvel last December.

Providing Marvel doesn’t also decide to drop a surprise second season of Ms. Marvel in the coming months, we’ll see Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan again in The Marvels on July 28 to round out the MCU movies coming out in 2src23.

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