Michelle Williams: ‘Watching Kelly Rowland give birth on Zoom was beautiful’

Michelle Williams: ‘Watching Kelly Rowland give birth on Zoom was beautiful’

Michelle Williams has admitted it was “beautiful” watching her Destiny’s Child bandmate Kelly Rowland giving birth.

Kelly gave birth to son Noah in January, and asked her nearest and dearest to tune in to watch her give birth via Zoom. And having the opportunity to see her friend bring another life into the world was one Michelle will never forget.

“It was beautiful,” she gushed as she spoke during Premier Gospel Radios Evenings with Cassandra Maria. “It was the most tender moment and (I’m) thankful that she decided to share that with us. You know, because had it not been for the pandemic we probably would have been right there waiting outside the delivery room. You know, and for her to want to connect with us. To me, if I ever doubted friendship…not at that moment you invited me to see you give birth.”

Michelle also revealed that while some friends come and go in life, she will never doubt the bond shared between her, Kelly and Beyonce.

“My relationship with them is never in question,” she smiled. “Because we give each other that access to tender moments like that, birthday parties, baby showers or just, ‘Hey, come to the house for dinner’. To me. That means more than getting on stage.”

She continued: “You know, it’s that important to you to maintain friendships because a lot of people, they will say, Well, if my friend doesn’t talk to me every week, that means they’re not friends or, or is it more than moments for you that makes, these are my real friends, these are my sisters…”

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