Plane bumps another while backing up at Boston airport

Plane bumps another while backing up at Boston airport

BOSTON (AP) — An airplane bumped into another plane while backing up at Logan International Airport in Boston, prompting an investigation.

No one was injured when the two Delta Airlines planes collided at low-speed on Friday night, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, which said it is investigating, the Boston Globe reported.

One of the planes, which was headed for Los Angeles, clipped the other as it pushed back from its gate at the airport. The other plane was empty and parked at an adjacent gate at the time.

The FAA said the left winglet of the moving plane clipped the horizontal stabilizer of the other. A spokesperson for the Massachusetts Port Authority described the collision as minor, but added it had the ability to cause damage that could keep planes out of service.

A spokesperson for Delta said customers and crew deplaned and were scheduled to be accommodated by different aircraft.

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