Rainn Wilson and Bear Grylls Got Naked and Went Fishing in a Frigid Lake

Rainn Wilson and Bear Grylls Got Naked and Went Fishing in a Frigid Lake

Fans of the National Geographic series Running Wild With Bear Grylls are accustomed to seeing the show’s fearless host expose himself to the elements, but the most recent episode took things to a new extreme.

In the episode, the expert survivalist and outdoorsman enlisted the help of his friend, The Office star Rainn Wilson, to search Moab, Utah’s La Sal mountains for hidden geocaches while giving Wilson a lesson about mountaineering.

It doesn’t take long, however, for things to take a turn: Later in the show, Grylls gives Wilson another tutorial, this time about how to set a handmade flying line for fishing that requires them to be standing in the lake to catch any fish. Since the temperature is plunging, Grylls advises Wilson to strip down—otherwise, he won’t have any dry clothes to put on when they get back to dry land.

Wilson, to his credit, obliges. (As they strip down, Wilson also makes a joke that the writers on The Office would often make Dwight take his shirt off whenever they needed to give a scene some extra comedic punch.)

True to form, Grylls dives right in and performs a leisurely paddle across the frigid lake while Wilson gingerly tip-toes into the water before flopping around for a few moments, writhing in agony, and quickly giving up.

“That lake is about 55 degrees, and every part of me is shriveled up right now,” he jokes. “Sorry ladies.” Check out the whole clip above, and catch Running Wild With Bear Grylls weekly on National Geographic.

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