Rembrandt’s ‘The Night Watch’ restored to original size using AI

Rembrandt’s ‘The Night Watch’ restored to original size using AI



Using AI, Rembrandt’s ‘The Night watchhas been restored to its original size after it was cut down in 1715 to fit at Amsterdam’s city hall. The top image is a copy of the painting by Gerrit Lundens which was painted within 13 years of the uncut original, and under it is the “restored” AI version.

In 1715, three-quarters of a century after it was painted, the canvas was trimmed – 60cm (2ft) cut from the left side of the painting, 22cm (9ins) from the top, 12cm from the bottom and 7cm from the right – so that the masterpiece might fit between two doors at Amsterdam’s city hall.

But using high-resolution photography of what is left of the original, computer learning of Rembrandt’s techniques and a contemporary copy of the full painting by Gerrit Lundens hanging in London’s National Gallery, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam was able to reproduce the work in all its glory.

First of all, what kind of morons are cutting art to fit their stupid godamn wall? Second of all, can this technology be used to restore me into all of my family photos because for some reason my mom cropped me out while muttering something about “being a huge disappointment.” I mean, what’s that all about? Probably like an accident, right? And also her phone must be broken which is why she isn’t answering any of my calls? Can AI do something about that as well?

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