RetroMania Wrestling Reveals Official Trailer Ahead Of Launch This Month

RetroMania Wrestling Reveals Official Trailer Ahead Of Launch This Month

WWF WrestleFest’s sequel will arrive on February 26th

We’ve not had a great streak with wrestling games on Switch. After WWE 2K Battlegrounds proved rather disappointing, WWE 2K18 offered us an abysmal port and Wrestling Empire proved to be a bug-ridden (but nonetheless entertaining) mess, it falls to RetroMania Wrestling to give Switch players the grappler they deserve.

Classed as an official sequel to legendary 1991 arcade title WWF Wrestlefest, it’s arriving digitally for Switch on February 26th. In preparation, developer Retrosoft has just released a brand new launch trailer, outlining what we can expect.

It confirms four different gameplay modes will be available. Story mode is top of the list, alongside a Versus mode that offers 50 different match types between 2-8 players locally. A separate “10 Pounds of Gold” and “Retro Rumble” option can also be spotted.

You’ll be able to choose from 16 playable Wrestlers, too. That includes the iconic Road Warriors, Big Stevie Cool, Colt Cabana, Zack Saber Jr, Tommy Dreamer, and more.

For the physical collectors, a Limited Run Games release was also confirmed back in November. We’re still awaiting further details, but we’d expect to hear more about this closer to launch.

Will you be picking up RetroMania Wrestling? Let us know down below.

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