Ryan Adams begs for a ‘second chance’ from music labels following misconduct allegations

Ryan Adams begs for a ‘second chance’ from music labels following misconduct allegations

Ryan Adams is begging for a “second chance” from music labels, claiming he is months away from losing his home and studio.

In 2019, the singer-songwriter was accused of sexual misconduct by seven women, including ex-wife Mandy Moore and fellow musician Phoebe Bridgers. He initially denied the accusations, but more than a year later, he issued a lengthy apology.

Early on Tuesday, Adams put out a candid plea on Instagram for another chance to make music, in a post that has since been deleted from the social media platform.

“I know I’m damaged goods,” the 46-year-old wrote. “I know I am and they aren’t the ideal thing, but I had a label interested for months and they wasted my time. I’m months from losing my label, studio and my home.

“I just really want a second chance to make some music – maybe help other people believe you can get up out of the gutter and be something. I’m 46 and scared I’m gonna be living in my sisters basement (sic).”

Since being dropped by Capitol Records, he has released two albums on his own PAX AM independent label – Wednesdays and Big Colors. Both releases failed to chart in the U.S. or the U.K.

On Thursday, Ken, a friend of Adams, shared a post along with links to mental health helplines. Ken added that they were worried the So Alive performer was “losing it”.

In the post, which was swiftly deleted from Instagram, Adams wrote: “Depression is a mental illness. Actual motion sickness is a mental illness. Everyone like Variety is ready to attack human beings. Where does that get us? Being able to play guitar doesn’t mean you do not suffer from mental illness or depression. It also does not exclude you from your actions.”

The original report on the allegations against him was published in The New York Times. In recent days, Variety has reported on Adams and his comments about wishing to return to a major label.

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