Sam Smith to return with ‘dancey’ single

Sam Smith to return with ‘dancey’ single

Sam Smith is set to return with a “dancey” track.

The 29-year-old singer is preparing to return with an upbeat new single called ‘Love Me More’, and Sam can’t wait for fans to hear the new material.

A source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: “Sam is super excited to be making a long-awaited comeback and feels the time is ripe.

“They’re all about love, laughter and being able to go out and dance again and want that to reflect in their music after a heavy few years. Of course, Sam will be maintaining their classic sound too, but expect ‘Love Me More’ to have an anthemic, dancey feel.

“The video is filming later this month, with the single expected to drop not long after.”

Despite their success, Sam previously admitted to being a “vulnerable, sensitive person”.

The chart-topping star released their debut album, ‘In the Lonely Hour’, in 2src14 and has subsequently enjoyed impressive success, winning numerous Grammys and even an Academy Award.

The singer reflected: “I’ve had an amazing life, but I think I was born with a little bit of sadness in me.

“I’ve always been attracted to those things, whether it’s sad movies, sad music … when you’re sad, you feel everything in a greater way than you do when you’re happy.

“I’m a vulnerable, sensitive person. I overthink everything.”

However, Sam also confessed to being “thankful for [their] sadness”.

The pop star explained: “I’m insanely self-conscious about my body, about my music, about everything in my life, and that self-consciousness is what’s keeping my feet on the ground at the moment. If I didn’t have it, I’d become a bit of a p****. I’m thankful for my sadness.”

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