Some Microsoft Surface Duo owners are reporting that its frame cracks around the charging port

Some Microsoft Surface Duo owners are reporting that its frame cracks around the charging port
The flaw in the Surface Duo&#src39;s frame. (Source: Reddit)
The flaw in the Surface Duo’s frame. (Source: Reddit)

The Microsoft Surface Duo is a rather unique Android device as it joins 2 displays via a hinge. However, it has become associated with poor durability following testing from some prominent YouTubers. Now, it seems these findings are translating into real-world problems for some users, who claim the plastic frames of their Duos have developed cracks around the USB type C port.

The Microsoft Surface Duo has been designed to be super-light, super-thin and to unfold along its hinges to deploy 2 paired AMOLED displays in various different modes. However, it seems these premium attributes have seriously impaired its reparability and durability. Now, they may also be rebounding negatively on its owners.

A handful of these users have posted to Reddit or Twitter complaining that their Surface Duo units have developed cracks in their frames, which hold the display and rear-cover glass panels together and are made of plastic. These discrepancies are all in the same place: around the USB type C port soldered onto the devices’ motherboard.

One or two of these affected consumers claim that the cracks appeared as a result of no more than normal use, whereas another claims that the issue arose in response to simply plugging a cable in when it came time to charge their Duo.

Luckily, these flaws are not associated with any effect on the function or integrity of the hinged device as yet; nevertheless, this apparent lack of build quality is disappointing to see, especially in a product costing ~US$1400 at present.

Some of the disgruntled users report that they are currently engaged in complaint processes with Microsoft’s support teams, or are planning to do so in the near future. The outcome of these disputes may be interesting to follow.

Deirdre O’Donnell, 2020-10- 7 (Update: 2020-10- 8)

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