Strange Hatch in Fortnite Season 3 Island hints at return of The Agency

Strange Hatch in Fortnite Season 3 Island hints at return of The Agency

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The Agency might soon return to the Fortnite Island after loopers discover a secret hatch underwater. Here’s the latest on it.


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The Agency in Fortnite

The latest season of Fortnite started off with loopers partying across the island and enjoying the Reality Tree’s Loot and saplings. However, a strange Easter Egg hints at a return of an old faction way before the Imagined Order were introduced as the big bad of the loop.

Fortnite is known for foreshadowing future events, storyline progressions and collaborations via Easter Eggs that are spread across the island. The new items like Grapple Glove and Reality Saplings have the loopers hooked on to the new season for a long time.

However, content creators and leakers are on a quest to search for the Imagined Order forces or links to Geno, if there are any present across the island. Although the storyline that players witnessed during The Collision event might be incomplete, the hints the game consists within the island tells an entirely different saga that might take place in the future.

Recently a YouTuber found out a secret hatch underwater while being away at a remote POI on the looped island. The hatch brought back memories of The Agency from Chapter 2 Season 2 and hence started the hunt for more clues linked to the Ghost Faction.

A YouTuber by the name of EverydayFN spotted a strange Easter Egg that left players from Chapter 2 in disbelief. It can be found near the new Shroom Reality Biome located south east of Greasy Grove.

Once reached, the YouTuber swam underwater and noticed a Hatch located on the riverbed. However, the hatch was closed and had no markings of the IO or The Seven on it. Although it looked extremely similar to the hatches that were spread around The Agency in Chapter 2 Season 2, right before The Device live event.

At that time, loopers were given quests to open those hatches as they deployed large towers that harnessed the energy from the zero point and pushed the storm further away, thus resulting in the storm turning into a water wall. However, the hatches were unnoticeable on the island after Midas’ failure, until now.

Painting Agency Fortnite

Moreover, when we dropped into the game and landed at Joneses POI, we noticed another Easter Egg with strong links to The Agency, but this time around, it got confirmed that the hatches are from the Chapter 2 POI. In the Easter Egg, there is a painting of The Agency, resting on a tree.

That Easter Egg alone confirms that The Agency and Midas are due to return to the loop anytime soon and loopers will have to be ready to battle him and his henchmen. Moreover, if he teams up with The Imagined Order, The Seven will need to step in to take back the island from the evil once again.

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Fortnite releases a brand new starter pack with Season 3. Here’s how you can get it.


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June 14, 2022

starter pack FN

The latest starter pack arrives to Fortnite Season 3 that offers a great assassin style outfit with more in-game cosmetics. The Rogue Alias Pack gives players a cosmetic combo that they were waiting for and also rewards them with 600 V-Bucks.

Every time a new Fortnite season drops, the excitement levels of the community is on a peak high as they anticipate the new map, items and weapons that will be added to the game. Moreover, the excitement reaches to its max when they see the Battle Pass and the in-game cosmetic packs that the game brings along with the season.

While some prefer buying cosmetics directly from the Item Shop, others like to own them directly from the Battle Pass. However, Fortnite also introduces its players to certain packs that can only be bought using real money and not V-Bucks in the Item Shop, which makes them exclusive.

This time around, after a long wait, the game finally announced their Chapter 3 Season 3 starter pack the Rogue Alias Pack which promises a decent outfit with its accompanying cosmetics. Here’s how you can get it.

Get the new Rogue Alias Starter Pack in Fortnite Season 3 now

The Rogue Alias Starter Pack consists of 3 items which are color coordinated between shades of Yellow, Black and Grey. It comes along with 600 V-Bucks that players can use within the game in purchasing Battle Stars or Item Shop cosmetics.

The pack features a Min-Joon outfit that looks like a sword wielding assassin. Alongside that, comes the Alpha Cylinder back bling which is pretty heavy on the size and looks huge when equipped.

Adding to the mix is the Tactical Geoms Single Wield twin pickaxes which have a sword-like structure and functions like any other twin pickaxe.

The pack is available right now in the Fortnite Item Shop and Epic Games Store for $3.99 only. Looking at the cost factor, the deal is definitely worth it as the buyers get 3 cosmetics and V-Bucks along with it that they won’t be able to get free with a cosmetic.

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In a recent hotfix the XP players gained from Reality Fruit and Weed was capped. Here’s why.


2 days ago


June 14, 2022

reality fruit xp capped

Reality Fruit and Saplings were an entirely new concept that was introduced in Fortnite Season 3 that offered players a unique way to loot weapons and consumables from. However, the XP gained upon claiming loot from the sapling was much more than the chest and was indefinable. As of now, it seems like Epic decided to cap it for some reason.

The loot system in Fortnite has always relied on Chests and Supply drops other than floor loot that players rely on to get their hands on various tiers of weapons and consumables. Ever since Chapter 1 up until now, the loot system has stayed stagnant and players used to identify POIs with most chest spawns.

It was with the release of Chapter 3 Season 3 when things took a weird turn and loopers started to rely on a plant to get loot more than the chest spawns in a POI. Reality Fruit bears Epic to Legendary loot most of the time whereas Chest spawns usually reward a player with Uncommon to Rare weapon loot.

However, when a player picks fruit loot from a Reality Sapling, they get rewarded with insane amounts of XP which is far more than when one opens a chest. As soon as developers took note of how players were only picking Reality fruit and weed in an entire match to farm XP, they decided to finally cap it for good.

Epic limits amount of XP gained upon picking Reality Fruit / Weed

Epic Games has added a cap to how many times you can get XP from picking fruits & weeds in a single match.

Reality Fruit Cap: 15 Times

Reality Weeds Cap: 15 Times

— iFireMonkey (@iFireMonkey) June 13, 2022

In a recent hotfix yesterday, Epic patched the number of times a player can gain XP upon performing the two major actions related to Reality Sapling. Those are Picking a Reality Fruit and Picking Weeds that grow around it.

In an in-game method, players discovered that when an XP Supercharged is in play, picking a fruit offers them over 4000 XP in one go. Picking three of them amounts to over 12000 XP and over that picking a weed amounts to over 24000 XP a player would get from a single sapling.

Exploiting this method, loopers used it to their advantage to level up 5-6 tiers in a single match upon only picking fruits and weed from around 20 saplings. The limit has now been capped to 15 times in a single match.

This means that a player will only get XP for the first 15 fruits and weed they pick in a single match. After that, there will not be any XP awarded for any of those actions.

This bold move by Epic was praised by many and at the same time certain players were unhappy to see one of their favorite XP farming methods capped. However, loopers are discovering new ways to farm XP using glitches and Creative AFK XP maps.

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Grapple Glove / Gun is an upcoming weapon in Fortnite Season 3 that offers maneuvers similar to Spider-Man web shooters. Here’s the latest on it.


3 days ago


June 13, 2022

Grapple Glove Fortnite

Fortnite Season 3 has introduced loopers to new weapons / items as well as return of the ones from the OG era of the game. Grapple Glove is one of the latest weapons coming this season, presumably in tomorrow’s hotfix that might offer players a unique way to move across the island.

Traversal weapons are extremely vital in a player’s loadout as they help them escape sweaty situations, run out the storm as well as rush their opponents to catch them by surprise. Weapons in the past like Grapplers, Spider-Man Web Shooters have been dearly loved by loopers, more than vehicles to move across the island and claim the high ground faster.

However, featuring limited number of shots in a single use, traversal weapons still remain the game’s prime item that loopers want to get their hands on in every match. The Spider-Man Web Shooters were an absolute hit when they were launched back in Chapter 3 Season 1 as they were considered to be overpowered.

Moreover, the weapon offered various maneuvers to move around as well as claim a higher ground in a build fight. After they were vaulted, loopers have been missing for a weapon similar to that they can enjoy. Seems like their wish is about to come true this Tuesday as a weapon is incoming to keep their traversal worries at bay.

Grapple Glove stats leaks ahead of its release this Tuesday

Grapple Glove Info:

• Found inside new Grapple tool boxes (Bright Purple)

• 10 charges in Competitive, 30 in public games

• Found near trees & shrubs (Maybe some POI’s)

• The glove functions similar to Web-Shooters

• You shoot at pick-ups to bring them towards you#Fortnite

— FBRFeed (@FBRFeed) June 9, 2022

The upcoming Grapple Glove (also known as Grapple Gun) is a hook based weapon that attaches itself to a surface and retracts the user on a certain pull, creating a swinging motion to the user. The weapon boasts 30 charges/shots in a public match and 10 in a competitive match.

Moreover, it will only be available inside special purple toolboxes that will be spread across the map. The toolboxes will be housed under a campsite style location where two of these will be placed at the site, allowing loopers to claim the weapon from them.

Although, the gloves will function similar to Spider-Man Web Shooters and will be able to pull pick-up loot and bring them closer towards you like a Harpoon. The gloves will be however, offer a single handed swing rather than a double handed swing as it was with the web shooters.

The Grapple Glove/Gun releases in tomorrow’s hotfix, as the first major content update of Season 3 is due on June 21st where more weapons and items will be added to the mix. However, there is speculation around that items like Junk Rift will also be unvaulted in the update this week.

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